Monday, January 21, 2019

Freaking Old People

Last week Lexi, Nate and I were in Tampa, Florida. Tampa as in the place of gators, lots and lots of tourists, and warmer weather. Anyhow, as we were waiting in the airport for the flight back, we met a nice couple who was heading to NY to stay in their Keuka Lake cottage on purpose to watch the snow. See, all week we had been hearing about this HUGE snow fall we were going to get over the weekend with inches and inches of snow. So, these people decided to go to their cabin and watch it fall on purpose. They were previously NY peeps until they became snowbirds and then must have missed snow?

I won't miss snow. Pretty sure of it. Talking about it later, THE MAN shook his head and said freaking old people. He had visions of plowing for hours in the cold and a much less romantic view of being snowed in.

Currently as I write this we're waiting for it to end. There is a fair amount outside, but there really isn't any point of breaking out the tractor to clean it all up until it stops falling. The dogs both peed as close as possible to the house and dove back in with snow flying all over. Duncan hates to get wet. The highway that I can see from my window is empty. We were told to stay home and for once it looks like everyone listened.

The little old lady I sat next to on the plane had needed some help to get her phone in airplane mode. Thinking about the snow storm we were heading back to, I very uncharacteristically struck up a conversation. I asked if she was coming for the storm. Her face twisted and she started crying. She was coming back for her 44 year old daughter's funeral. I thought a whole lot of words in my head (most of them rhyming with the word duck) and gave her a huge hug. She said that her daughter died very unexpectedly and they were awaiting an autopsy for cause of death. I'm not a hugger either, so all of this was a bit out of my comfort zone.

I watched as she tried to read her book and offered to turn on the overhead light for her.

She said that focusing on anything wasn't working as her mind kept whirling.

I decided to keep her company for the two hour plus flight. We talked about gators, dogs, houses, and anything else I could think of to keep her distracted. Her daughters were waiting for her to land and I figured she had a pretty long road ahead of her get through the funeral & hopefully getting some answers, the least of her worries being the snow. I watched as she met up with them by baggage and wished I had something profound to say to all of them. They hugged and headed out into the cold. I hope that they can find comfort in each other and some peace.

We headed to the parking lot and Lexi's car battery wasn't pleased about being left in the cold for a week. Needless to say the car wasn't starting. THE MAN who had gotten us thus far started to melt down a little. He was trying to find a taxi so we could ride home and grab another vehicle to jump the car. I asked at the rental car counter and found out that the booth attendant had a booster. In about ten minutes we were on our way. We were thankful that our local folks are used to dead batteries!

Today I'm thankful for my people and they are all home with me. There is a lot of laundry to do, dogs to play with, and home made meals to cook. There is satisfaction in coming home after adventures. Even if that coming home has it's own adventures.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A Happy Cappy Christmas Party!

Mid December found us off to Hammondsport with Megan in tow to go to the Civil Air Patrol Christmas party. It's always nice to get the museum to yourself and their photo booth didn't disappoint! What a fun cool car! Megan and Luke looked really nice too.

I think Megan enjoyed herself. Look at her giving Luke rabbit ears. ;-) Of course I could have used the normal photo, but I like this one! I have another page coming of the event.....we got photos too.

Sometimes you need that perfect embellishment, which is why I downloaded a plane and cut with it with coordinating paper. See it in the background? And I bought some special flowers to match my paper from Prima. They are so pretty! I used them on another page too.

Anyhow, I'm off! Enjoy your Tuesday!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Shopping List for THE CUTTING CAFE in a Fancy Vintage Binder

Every week Lexi and I head off to the store. We're usually not excited about our trip. We have our grocery list split out so we know which stores we have to visit and our errands in order. At the last store where we grocery shop, we struggle to figure out what we're having for dinner for the next week. I think with a little bit of planning, we might just have an easier time of it! Maybe just maybe we won't dread going!

I printed out 52 shopping lists & weekly menu planners from THE CUTTING CAFE where the 2019 Planner Files are available for your crafting pleasure.  I figure we can actually plan AHEAD of time what we might want to eat which will help us fill out the shopping lists. In fact, perhaps I can spend a little time on Pinterest and come up with some fun new meals!

These are easy to take out of the little book so I can just run to the store with the individual pages. I'm actually really excited to use them!

My little book is even adorable so I can enjoy it in the kitchen! I decorated it with a vintage advertisement for Jello and some CUTTING CAFE pop up flowers! The image is a bit of a joke. I can cook, but I'm certainly not a chef!

Hope your weekend involved a little bit of glitter and some good food!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Parade of Lights Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE

EDITED:  Good morning! I'm republishing a project from 2015! We're showing off a favorite project when we used a file from THE CUTTING CAFE that we loved! This year due to safety concerns the parade was cancelled and it turned into a stationary display. It also rained. Lots of people were really upset, so now my page is a happy memory in case we don't have a parade again!


One of my favorite print files that Regina creates over at THE CUTTING CAFE are her circle images. I have used quite a few and was excited when she recently released a few more. The Jingle All The Way one I used on my page can be found in Christmas Sucker Treat Cups and I repurposed it for my page.

I haven't purchased any Christmas paper in ages however I have some layouts to make of recent events, so it really helped make my page Christmassy! Not to mention that there is enough room to journal in the middle.

I love how the circle frames my photos! It was so simple to print out on a sheet of 12 by 12 paper!

Can you see that pretty little photo there at the corner showing the parade banner for Sister Cities? Lexi is in that club in school and really enjoyed the parade! It was her first parade and she passed out candy! Fun times!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Round Peacock Table Project

The other day Lexi and I sold a table on Market Place that had been out there for a while. It wasn't one I created specifically to sell, but was something extra. So, now that we had more room....we had to go find our next item to work on! I passed over a three drawer piece that has a beautiful mirror (for now) and picked up this cute round table. 

It's pretty simple and also not huge, so it should be a nice piece for her to paint during the long break from college over the holidays. I even let her pick the paint. We decided to go a little fancy with this paint job. It will be distressed so won't be too bright. Her first steps will be to wipe the table down with deglosser that will take the shiny off the varnish so it's easy to paint. Then she will apply the chalk paint which is pretty forgiving. Later, I'll distress it and add a coat of matte clear coat.

I also might add this transfer by Prima. It's pretty simple to add. Works the best with a surface that isn't shiny, so the chalk board paint will work really well. We'll have to see how it looks all painted!

Anyhow, wish us luck! Our latest piece hasn't sold yet, but I had someone ask me to hold it until after Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Tiny Tools on Upcycled Peach Jars

The other day I was lurking around the Christmas stuff at our ReStore and happened across a bunch of baby tools. They were for a very small Christmas tree, but would work perfect for a cool gift.

Can you see the little drill, saw, and wrench sticking out? They look cute with the diamond plate paper leaves! I've got a couple of special guys in mind for these. I'll fill them with something yummy and perhaps give them away with a six pack of beer!

Here's another photo of them so you can also enjoy our icy, yet sunny day. The sun has been rare around these parts so I was excited to get a few photos of things before it either snowed or rained again!

Happy Monday!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Christmas Chinese Take-Out Box for THE CUTTING CAFE

'Tis the season for happy little decorated boxes filled with cool things! Regina gifted us an assignment to use any of her Christmas files of which she has so many!!! I opted to use a file that can really be anything you dream it can be...the little Chinese take out box.

I really added a lot of pretty bling to match that paper! And check out that Yvonne Yam tassel! She also passed along that pretty pearl trim. The copper handle was all my own doing. I wanted something sturdy yet kinda rustic!

One of my favorite parts is that floppy snowflake! I found a bunch of them the other day and I wanted to use one right away! This little box is off to brighten someone's day. I haven't done a RAK in a VERY long time. I'll pass it along to the universe tomorrow when I'm off picking out a few treats for some dear family members!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

KONG: Skull Island layout from Hawaii

Nothing like a couple of extra days off to inspire you to wrap up a layout from this past spring. I had ONE MORE page to complete from our Hawaii trip and I had decided to wait until Halloween to scrap it for two reasons. The first was that I was nearly out of the paper packet I had used to scrap a lot of the photos and the second was, well a huge skull & bones scattered all over the ground.

Halloween is long past. In fact, we're even done now with fall here. We had an early snow fall and unlike how things normally work here...that snow is still on the ground. It does mean a cease fire on the outdoor work so the painting tasks that were not wrapped up are left for the next spring. This means more time in the scrap room! Hooray!

If you notice, I have a lot of strips & blocks of paper. I assure you that although they look like whole pieces, a lot were pieced together. I used a whole handful of paper scraps up! As I'm being really intentional about paper buying (it's the only product I have besides glitter that seems to multiply on it's own...why can't the T!M die cuts do that) this is a good thing!

I can imagine living & working on this ranch, that the view below never gets old. Those hills have been the backdrop of many a movie, including KONG:  Skull Island. In fact if you look really close on the right hand side around the middle, those big bones are sitting right out waiting for the movie cameras to roll. They are made of a very light weight plastic (it reminds me of the spray foam we use at work) and weather quite well.

Here's a photo I didn't use, but you can see the scale. I WISH they had let us in to see them closer and perhaps play with them! This was the very end of the tour and sadly the end of our trip in Hawaii. Seems so long ago that we were among the pretty flowers now that we have snow on the ground!

Happy Thursday! Hope your day is super productive!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Musings Over Stuffing

I'm making the stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner. Since we are just rolls away from sitting down and my side involves adding hot water, butter, and some fork fluffing, I'm pretty sure I've got things under control. My Mom is at the stove where she's working on putting the two dozen rolls on a tray. I'm considering how it would be easiest to boil the water. The microwave which is above her head would be quickest....but also involves grabbing the glass measuring cup which is in the cupboard by her knee. I hear the oven creak open and as soon as she's moved, I've nabbed that space and more importantly, the stove.

It occurs to me as we dance around the kitchen in a ballet of food prep, that at work, our Habitat for Humanity Build Club is a lot like Thanksgiving dinner. My husband and Dad are watching from the sidelines, offering antidotes and unneeded advice while my Mom and I battle over who gets to use the saw. We both want to get our projects done. There is only one stove or one saw. We have to work together.

She had taken over from the start, even though it's my kitchen. I'm OK handing over the responsibility since she brought the turkey. It's hard though, because I know where all the things are she needs. I also know where the missing beaters are for the potatoes. They are in the camper and she doesn't want to wait while THE MAN ventures out to find them.

Why are they in the camper, he muses. Deviled eggs two camping trips ago, I mutter under my breath. He urges her to use the right beaters after he retrieves them and she gives him the eye ball. This happens weekly over at the Habitat House. Nobody has time to wait for the right (insert tool here) and sometimes the stain can gets opened with a chisel. That whole use the right tool for the right job motto does not apply when you are older than sixty. Nobody can tell you what to do, you've already done it the right way hundreds of times.

Besides, you can open a can of stain with a chisel. Or beat the potatoes with beaters for bread. It all works. In the end you have a delicious dinner or completed house. It's all pretty amazing when you think about it. Many hands coming together to create something brand new be it a house or a big family dinner. I'd venture to say each completed house is nearly miraculous. I'm nearly finishing the 5th that I've worked on and I'm still not sure how it will get all done. At work we mutter Build on Faith repeatedly although each time we say it it's just as scary as the first time.

The house will be done some day very soon and we'll be packing up our stuff and moving on to the next. This is very much like Turkey Day here. The leftovers are packed away in the fridge and it's time to move on to the next big event, Christmas. Time to get out the lights, tree and sparkly bits. The house we're moving on to doesn't have any lights, so it's time to get out the cage lights and get things lit!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Candy Bar Pocket Box Holders for THE CUTTING CAFE

What a sweet treat! I was very impressed on how easy these little boxes were to cut out and embellish! In fact, I made four in one go and then cut out those little deer to decorate them with! Love this file from THE CUTTING CAFE called the Pocket Box Template.

The one I used was deep enough to slide a "fat" candy bar into and I'm going to try using a "thin" candy bar with some little scrap treats for some friends! Just a few little lovely pearls, some leaves an acrylic rose and these are done!

I hope these got you inspired to make a few little goodies for your friends for the holidays! The other set I made are just done in every day paper so you can use them any time of year!

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Drill Baby Drill Layout with THE CUTTING CAFE

These two cuties demanded a pumpkin the other day. Not just any pumpkin but a BIG PUMPKIN. Their Dad tried his hardest to escape picking one up, but since he was making a hardware run next door to a store, he ended up getting them the nicest one he could find. It's likely the last pumpkin a Pratt kid will carve, so I decided to make a page about it.

It's a pretty simple page. The really great part was finding the perfect paper and then adding those premade die cut apples from THE APPLE TREAT BOX file over at THE CUTTING CAFE. See, this page will go right next door to another page I made using those apples

These two pages next to each other really make me smile! Love seeing Megan and Luke having some fall fun!

Happy Saturday to you! I'm off to work on some centerpieces for an upcoming party and the oldest is playing with chalk paint & a really old parlor table!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A Sweet Time: Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE

Goodness gracious it was nice to spend some time in my craft room this past weekend! Took a little bit before I could get to the fun stuff. Not only am I enjoying a new printer, but my laptop recently died, so I have a new one of those too!

My original plan was to make apples for this page using my Silly & then print that circle graphic out on top of the shimmery apple. I tried three times and I didn't quite have the hang of the new printer as of yet to get that all accomplished. So I printed one on nice paper & cut it out.

The apples are from THE APPLE TREAT BOX file over at THE CUTTING CAFE. I made quite a few cut out of white paper once I got the Silly set up on the new machine. Then I inked them up with red & orange & sprayed them with a shimmer spray for the mottled water color look. The Be Thankful circle graphic is also from THE CUTTING CAFE and part of the So Thankful Circle Set.

Lately I've been making a lot of extras, which is nice for some cards or a layout later. In this case I have enough for five more cards that I'm going to share with friends at an event I'm going to. Love that cut out heart I added to the middle! So cool!

One more page done and dusted, one card, and five card kits! Not bad for a day where I spent a large chunk of it getting my technology all set up! Have a great Tuesday!