Monday, March 14, 2016

A Glittered Manifest Destiny: Jeff Goins 7 Day Blog Like A Pro Challenge

 The other day I fished my sunglasses out of my purse and realized that yet again something I owned had spray paint on it. I am compelled to create. Usually that involves spray paint, adhesives, and upcycling. I am pretty sure if I was stuck on a desert island, my Wilson would have sea shell earrings, sea glass eyes, and a coconut beanie complete with sea weed tassel.

Cutting up paper, inking up a stamp, these are such simple things that bring me so much pleasure. If I had the ability to stop there, things would be much easier. Instead, I wait for the sun to emerge, grab my newest creation and rush out the door, camera in hand. Must….blog….newest….thing, immediately.

The odd part is that I am weird about stuff. And by stuff, I mean that slow accumulation of things that grow over time in a house. Despite my best intentions, some days I look around and realize that I have too much. I start feeling heavy and burdened. It’s quite possibly due to having moved several times. Unpacking boxes & figuring out that what you unpacked didn’t have a place in the last house and likely not in this house either is upsetting. Endlessly creating also tends to burden. I’m my own worst enemy.

I try not to buy new things if possible. I haunt the second hand Habitat store at least once a week for vintage. Sometimes I bring them more than I buy.  I worry that it’s odd that I can produce a pile for the second hand store every couple of weeks. Sometimes I bring them something that has been upcycled from their store. Only now it’s better because it's been painted, glittered and is cool. I always hope I don’t spot it the next trip down or if I do, it’s got a large price tag so they can make the most money to build more houses. 
When I was younger I used to want to save the world. Now I just want to add spray paint, a little glue, glitter, and make someone smile for a minute or two.
When I was younger I used to want to save the world. Now I just want to add spray paint, a little glue, glitter, and make someone smile for a minute or two. Just a little bit of frosting on the daily. Or, if they are reading a blog post about my newest creation, they are inspired. Inspired to pull out some of those craft supplies lurking in the closest, or at least head to the second hand store to buy something used to reuse in a new way. I suppose that is saving the world just a little, now isn't it. 

You can thank Jeff Goins for my second blog post of the day. I'm participating in a 7 Day Blog Like a Pro Challenge. Today's assignment was to write a Manifesto. 


  1. A good post. When I was younger I wanted to save the world too. Now I too cut things up, stick them together and try to write about it in a way someone will want to read.

    Keep on blogging!

  2. I love Jeff Goins! I was signed up to him for a while but didn't have e time to make it though all his mailings. Great post & very relatable for us all. An Etsy shop here is my answer for any of my projects other than my layouts

  3. Oh my gosh Mitra... you are saving the world one smile at a time... we just need more people like you .. you are Glitter Woman! Making your corner of the world a little shinier and happier each day....

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