Monday, March 21, 2016

Memorandum Monday: Low, Medium, and High

Last week found me CMOGing over at MYOG. Here in the Twin Tiers, that means I volunteered at the Corning Museum of Glass over at Make Your Own Glass. Across from the museum itself is something called The Studio and you can sign up to make glass wind chimes, flame worked beads, or blown glass ornaments. Since I'm having trouble not twitching due to not working, I figured I'd give them some of my time. Incidentally this photo is looking away from the museum and across the river at Little Joe and HQ for Corning Inc. Spring is clearly on it's way and I thought it was pretty.

It's pretty low key work at MYOG. One day I cut leather into pieces for pendants and was rewarded with a bunch of cardboard spools. What I'm going to do with them is besides the point. They are cool and needed to not be trash. I also had an interesting conversation with someone regarding epoxy and really got good at jump hooks. A lot of the help they need at the Studio is prepping things for projects. I guess the more important thing I learned was that it's easier to wait while you are busy even if it's a bit mind numbing.

I also committed to a Jeff Goins Blog Like a Pro:  7 Day Challenge. If I didn't already have a blog and hadn't heard of at least half of what he was talking about I probably would have ended up in a corner rocking. It's pretty intense. For the mere mortals taking the class, a less stressful idea would be a 7 Week Challenge, but that is just me. Seemed like a lot of peeps were getting freaked out.

Some of things he was talking about were cool though. Recently I signed up for Medium which is yet again another platform to share your work. He asked us to post one of our blog posts to Medium. If you have already written the blog post, it's as simple as importing. I used my Marie Kondo piece.

At one point last week I had to get dressed up. Nobody in my house believed that I was capable of wearing anything but jeans and stomping boots so I had to take a selfie in the only room in the house with a full length mirror and enough light. Welcome to one hot mama and Lexi's unmade bed. Those shoes by the way are totally going back to the store. My toes still hurt! 

Wish'd I could have taken a photo of me waving! It's that time on a Monday where you give Miss Sian over at High in the Sky a quick wave! Hoping she made good progress on her socks and I am sure she would totally be down with comfortable non-toe pinching shoes.  


  1. looking good!

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this hadn't made it into my Feedly. But if it's any consolation, it wasn't the only one this week.

    Shoes? My feet are so much smaller than average I spend most of my time in sneakers from the kids department

  2. Liking the layered look on you!! and the deep concentration on your on to better fitting shoes!

  3. Well aren't you fancy! And that's where those spools came from.... that is awesome pay for a job well done! And yes, a beautiful view!... I can't believe how long it's been since I've been here! I'll blame the coffee hop... have a great week!


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