Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Little Box for the Clay Lady's Daughter

Had to use one of the glamour shots made by Ignacio. I so LOVE what he does to my photos I send him!!!

Being on his design team has some great perks! Cool images to use and awesome tweaked photos! ;-)

Here is the box I found at the second hand store. It was so plain! And interestingly enough, quite the blank slate!  Do you see it hidden in there among the rest of the sad unwanted items!? Well, I wanted them, just nobody else did!

The top was a lot of fun. I first painted the top white with gesso and let it dry.

A second coat was made by using plaster and a stencil to give it some texture.

Then, added a bit of color with some ink pads and then shimmer modge podge.

And how do you like that green metal piece! It was in the dollar bin at Wally World and I grabbed it for a paint treatment! Used the Patina paint in Jade on that and also the little feet! Love love love those feet! ;-)

Added a graphic in the lid that I really loved from A Child Garden of Verses Collection at Nice Crane Designs.

Let me show you the whole collection of graphics from Nice Crane Designs. I had such a hard time choosing just one to use on this box!

And you ask, where will this little treasure box go? Well, I made it for a little friend of mine down the road. She is always begging her Mama to have us over for jello and swimming in the pool and happens to be a great fancier of Squinkies. Since her Mama also has a kick wheel and does clay outside in the summer, you can see how this might be a fun trip for me too! Anyhow, I thought we'd giver her a little present next time we saw her.

I wonder if she has a Sponge Bob one yet?

OHHHH! And I nearly forgot, I wanted to make a quick shout out to a friend of mine who is having a sale!

That is one of her cool little flowers on the top of my box!

Go check out Eye Candy Magic and tell Samantha I said hi!

Happy Tuesday and may the rest of the week speed on like a freight train to the weekend!


  1. D'you know I didn't even notice that li'l box in your treasure photo? It's turned out stunningly...I too love the feet & your plaster design is AMAZING...it's soooo totally transformed & now has such a lovely personality:):):) lucky girl -she'll LOVE it:):):)

  2. Loving this beautiful creation.
    Hop on over to Doing Life - for a chance to win some lovely digi stamps.
    Doing Life
    Digistamps4Joy DT Member
    Tammy’s Scrapin Corner DT Member

  3. This looks fantastic, you have put a smile on the lid of this box!! well done!

  4. Wowwww,,,so cute, so different,,,, you used my picture really very well,I love this Treasure and all over these Sponge Bob squinkies.

  5. LOL..it's liking having your photos go through Glamour Shots, isn't it? I for one, LOOOOVE those little feet stands. OMG! Love what you did to add texture and bring life back into this little misunderstood box and that gift...AWESOME!!! I personally collect PEZ containers, but THOSE are awesome! :)
    Nice to have you back in blogland again...to dang quiet around here without you.

  6. The plastered stencil outline completely changed this box! I love that while the top is embellished, you still see a lot of the wonderful detail, and the inside is just beautiful!

  7. Beautiful altered box! Love the top, the patina piece (I've got to get those inks). Such lovely work. TFS!

  8. Another triumph Mitra!
    Alison xx

  9. WOW!! Very cool box!! Love the bookplate on the top and the metal feet!! Great job Mitra :)


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