Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 5th Anniversary to THE CUTTING CAFE!

Happy Happy Thursday!

I am super excited! The folks down south of us are getting hammered with snow and FOR ONCE, we are only getting an inch!

Of course, it's crazy cold so we're hanging out with our wool socks and hot soup!

Here, hold on. I'll show you what it's like out there. It's really a photo of nothing although the snow pile at the end of the drive way is getting impressive!

And it's all fresh and new with the start of a year, I figured I'd pop in with some news!

First is a huge congrats to Regina who started THE CUTTING CAFE five years ago!

She is having a super awesome give-away. AND, it's really easy to get into the running! You just have to leave her a comment and you can win FOUR MONTHS OF WEEKLY FILES! I really enjoy that perk myself hanging out on her design team!

I find her files very versatile.Yesterday's post had a huge button tree that was made out of the main piece of paper I used for the page below.

This particular tree came in a Halloween treat box set!

And second, I'm up for another term with her! It will be my last since we can only be on her team for two consecutive terms! So I will enjoy it while I can!

Back tomorrow with some cards, provided it stops snowing long enough for me to take photos!



  1. awe thank you so much and that snow is beautiful....

  2. Good on you!!! You use die cuts sooo well & it's a great fit for you over there. But I'll hush now:)::) BTW...loving the bling here:):)

  3. Brrrr that looks cold outside.. and well done on being on the team for another term.. fabulous layouts.. that is a great tree!

  4. I loved the tree !! Wow your are snow...We never have snow :( !!

  5. A stunning page with that tree Mitra! And wow so much snow, I was watching the news and it is so daughter would love to see it though, thanks for the share!

  6. I'd show you mine, but you'd just laugh....we only have about 1" out here, so I'm still living vicariously through your winters, but the tag is still hanging, so we'll see! Your LO is WONDERFUL and feeds my recent and obsessive compulsion with buttons!!!!

  7. Lovely layout, our embellishing is so whimsical.


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