Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hello, Your Geek Is Showing: Top 10 Reasons I Love and Hate My New Job (in no particular order)

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I have always wanted to write a top ten list. I mean, how many of those stupid things have I clicked on in just the past year? And then when I get to the bottom after reading one I'm kinda thinking omg that was so lame...why do I always fall for I apologize ahead of time for my title...

Anyhow, I now sit in a huge building full of computer people. Then I drive home and hang in a house full of computer people....the main difference between the two is that my house has couches and so far I haven't seen any couches at work. I will continue to look though. Couches at work are so Mad Men. So, my list....

1) We have two traffic Round-a-bouts I pass through to get to work. While I see their merits, they still freak me out first thing in the am, which is why I drive carefully and like I haven't had enough coffee until I'm clear of both circles of hell.

2) On the way home from work, I pass through two traffic Round-a-bouts. All happy to be driving home, I pretend I'm on a race track and hit the pedal. I might even make zoom zoom noises under my breath.

3) We have revolving glass doors to get into work. It appears whomever designed the building thought maybe we should all take a quick test before actually getting into the building. So, we have to badge in while pushing this huge heavy glass door and also balancing a purse on our shoulder and holding whatever crap we are carrying to work. I would not want to attempt these doors after several glasses (bottles?) of wine. The possibility would exist that I'd give up half way through and sit on the floor in a little glass jail laughing my ass off. But since you can't drink at work or on the way to work, maybe that is more like a fantasy...hmmm. Might have to think about that one....

4) The view from the hill is fantastic. Unless of course you are in second winter (thank you very much New York) and it's snowing (again).

5) I have five pairs of new dress pants. Some where along the line from the last time I had to dress up to now, the fashion industry got smart. These dress pants don't have pockets or even a zipper. They just pull on. I thought I'd hate the no pocket thing, but they are amazing. Who needs zippers or pockets to adjust when you are half asleep getting dressed. And as far as comfort, I'd rather wear my dress pants over jeans. Totally on board with the dressing up thing.

6) All those nice jewelry pieces I'd accumulated since the last time I worked out of the house? They are still going strong and this week has had a lovely jewelry box reunion as I've pulled pieces out that haven't been worn in years. Now I've got to buy just a few more shirts to match certain jewelry pieces I have...that is cool right? Kinda like asking your family to wear certain colors to match the scrapbook paper you have when you are getting ready to take a photo of them?

7) Although I still pack a few snacks, the place I work has a cafeteria which is pretty top notch. I mean except the fried fish. I almost died after a bite of that the other day. It's also possible I will never eat fried fish again, which I suppose might be a good thing. However, the rest of it is pretty awesome. So I'm not stuck eating leftovers over the sink, which makes me feel much more civilized.

8) I hate not being able to see over the cube walls which by the way are extremely tall. I thought I'd hate cube life again, but honestly it's not bugging me. They have white noise so most sounds (with the exception of the ring tone that sounds like a donkey on the coworker's phone) are sucked up into the ceiling and are gone. Some days I imagine the white noise goes to where ever all those socks go missing...maybe they are having a dance party? Anyhow on the not seeing over the walls part, I now know why women wear high heals. It's an evolutionary thing to try to make ourselves taller to see over cube walls. Besides, heals are cute when they are not cutting off the circulation to your feet. I try to pretend I don't look like Kilroy peeping to see a coworker.

9) My house isn't messy. It's an interesting phenomena. If you aren't in your house all day, it doesn't get dirty. So when you walk back in, it's pretty much how you left it.

10) A new bra purchase. So recently the expensive Vicky's Bra I owned starting cutting into my shoulders so half way through the day I was ready to rip it off. Since I would guess that ripping a bra off in an office despite what you may have learned on Mad Men may be frowned upon, I figured I had to shop for a new one. Randomly I came across this article called Happy Boobs on measuring yourself for a bra on Pinterest. She maintains that the women who measure you for a bra at the big stores are really just trying to get you to buy the bras they sell vs. what you really need so I opted to try her method. This involves a fairly awkward position (that I won't give away here) but since she was dead nuts accurate on what I should be wearing I vote you give it a try. A new bra that actually fits without boob parts sticking out is beyond amazing. In fact, the most intelligent thing I've done in a while is buy the new bra first before shopping for new clothes. Works a treat on getting a shirt that buttons up without the gaps!

So not only did I survive my first week of work at a new job, I also am the proud owner on a Top Ten list. Wow, things are really rocking in my world! Hope you enjoy your weekend! I'm off to a Crafternoon at my friend Debbie's house!


  1. Glad your new job has been reasonably average so far. I can't believe you actually prefer dress pants over jeans!! Love your list. See you soon!

  2. Wow, if you hadn't found this new job we would never have had the fun of reading your list. It has kept me well entertained over my breakfast this morning. But then I knew it would as soon as I saw the title

  3. Oh so glad you have a new job and I hope it is a lot of fun.. they are lucky to have you.. love your top ten list, you write so well, so much fun to read your list.. and can relate to the bra thing.. gota have comfort or why wear them?? have a great week!

  4. Well...unless your house is messy before you go to work and then it's still messy when you get home. That's depressing. And where do I get these pull on pants and bras that fit correctly. Btw. This is the best top 10 list I've ever read. :). Have a good Monday. Hopefully my last tax season Monday. Wish I could add "ever" after that.

  5. LOVED this top 10. you have to go around 2 roundabouts to get to my house and I drive them like it's Indy 500. Such fun, but I don't have cool pants and jewelry though. Just sweats and Danskin Walmart thingies. Too legit, I know...


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