Monday, August 22, 2016

Happy Homes & Sparkles: Memorandum Monday

Saturday at work we officially started rehabbing my first Habitat Home. I've been working for Habitat for around two months and so far the projects have involved mostly exterior work as part of collaboration projects with other local not for profits.

It's sadly a home we are getting back into after the first home owner didn't work out. To say the house is trashed is an understatement. Thankfully the rock star guys I'm working with weren't too sad even though they built it six or so years ago. They just tucked in and got to work on repairing all the siding that was damaged & we made a list to start work on the master bedroom & half bath. From the amount of houses around the area that have been built by Habitat, it seems this kind of thing is rare. These houses are lovingly put together by a crew of volunteers side by side with the potential new homeowner.

I saw this quote the other day and it reminds me of this build.  Piece by piece we will repair that home and by the end, it will be sparkly, new, and a beginning for a family who will care for it. Looking forward to that day, but on the way I will enjoy the process & the laughter that goes into hanging with some of the best peeps on earth, Volunteers.

At home, there was some crafting...Not too much mind you, someone forgot to pick up more adhesive and printer photo paper at the store...but enough to get the fingers inky! I did get to use a new stamp that I have been anxious to try that also came in the mail. I am also in the process of staring lovingly at some new stash.....

I won a gift cert for Paper Sweeties over at ChouxChoux Paper Art earlier in the week and those lovely delish sequins just came Friday. I have been walking past them since and haven't the heart to open them just yet...It's kind of like looking at a lovely cupcake for a bit before you chomp right into it!

Happiest of Monday's to you. I have a hot date with ordering some sheet rock, a new toilet, and a few 2 by 4s! Also waving over to Sian From High in the Sky who is likely back by now from her holiday and our host for Memorandum Monday!


  1. I have been following Habitat a bit more with you popping stuff up on FB....interesting & GREAT concept! As for those sequins....I couldn't leave 'em alone. Cup cakes disappear rapidly here;)!!!!

  2. ...or a magazine before you start flicking through it for the first time.

    That's a tough one, having to re-do a house..but it sounds as if you are all well up for the task. Have a good week!

  3. What wonderful work - I've always admired Habitat for Humanity. So glad you got some pretties with your gift certificate. Enjoy!

  4. My favorite sequins! How cool that you won them! Love free stuff! Cannot wait to see what you do with them. I'm sure you'll use them in some way that makes me jealous that I didn't think of it. Pouting. No pressure. ;). So sad that some people don't appreciate. So happy there are people that sigh deeply and go on despite it. You guys are awesome!


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