Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The First Jello Mold of Christmas for the Funkie Junkie Challenge

Last year just about the time the last Funkie Junkie 12 Tag was done, I started planning for this year's tag. Which means I went junkin' at the ReStore. I had also happened to see a pin where someone used a cookie cutter and glued it on the top of a jello mold to create a little scene. Pair that up with finding 12 jello molds and I was ready to rock and roll! (And yes, rest assured that the troll doll WILL make an appearance whether or not Linda has anything that even resembles a troll in a challenge)

Fast forward to now and I've got two of these under my belt. They are really addicting. This one was inspired a lot by the gold and the stars Linda had on her first tag.

Really liked the trees and the hills of snow, so added some hills to my jello mold. Also had to use some music note paper to emulate the very delicate background on the tag. 

The actual tin was gold embossed which is a really cool process on metal, except it gets super hot. Added a little red berry for color and a pretty white flower! The base where I added the trees in with hot glue and fake snow was previously a little jar. I'm happy to be upcycling garbage into something cool. I can't decide if I will always use a bottle cap or will also use some cookie cutters. Time will tell!

I did also want to mention that Linda's very awesome store, the Funkie Junkie Boutique sponsors this challenge. I always like shopping there! You should check it out!

Happiest of Hump Days to you! Tomorrow I'm back with my LAST LESSology project! 


  1. I wonder if anyone can recognize the mold ! Looks fantastic :)

  2. oh... well... wow!!! This is awesome! I want to make one of these!!! Maybe in about six months or so... lololol! I will have to try embossing on metal for sure... that sounds like fun!

  3. Look at you go with your imagination in over drive! Love it.....especially the GOLD EMBOSSING!!!

  4. Welcome, Mitra!! I'm so tickled to have you back playing with me in the 12 Tags of Christmas Funkie Junkie Style! I LOVE your idea of the jello molds. Your first one is adorable with those sweet trees and cut stars. Can't wait to see this whole series unfold! Thanks so much for joining the fun again this year.


  5. Unique, fun...what a perfect way to do CHristmas


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