Sunday, February 5, 2017

Love Centerpieces for THE CUTTING CAFE

Oh my, these little tea light holders were so pretty when I spotted them at the ReStore and I had to have them...although I didn't have a plan for them at the time. Good thing Regina over at THE CUTTING CAFE asked us to use her Everyday Words Cards & Shakers and I could make some pretty little centerpieces!

I actually hot glued the LOVE word on tooth picks so I could use it as a back drop to all those pretty flowers and that battery operated tea light. Love those gold wings too! So pretty!

Just a little washi on my tea light and some gold paint! Look how pretty those LOVE words are! I can't wait to share these! I have some ladies at work that will love them! (see what I did there?)

Happy Sunday!


  1. Gorgeous! LOVE how these came together. LOVE that washi on the tealight. :)

    Happy week ahead!

  2. Groan..... I'm sure they will 'love' them..... the words look brill, those tea lights look terrific & my fave bit is the angel wings. Well, that's what I'm calling them anyways!!!

  3. These are so pretty, really love all the flowers and the wings too are divine!!! hehe..


  5. Oh my yes! I've been dying to get here for these!! So very cool and love how you beautified those tea lights! And those angel wings... gorgeous creations!


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