Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ah paint....

How I hate to paint.

Don't mean the fun kind.

The kind that comes in a gallon from the hardware store type of paint.

I was planning on watching the Clay Goddess down the road unload her kiln and trim the bottom of my pot.

I had been waving at her house all week running to and from Potsdam with plans of stopping.

But, I made myself start prepping for paint.

I mean, I had already purchased the paint with great plans of doing a wall a night last week.

Last week was not my most favorite week and was one of those where sliding into the weekend was a welcome relief.

So, started prepping the downstairs by washing down a wall. Removing all the light covers. You know the drill.

An 11 year old started poking her nose in since she has been DYING to see what Apple Green looks like on the wall. She did pick it out.

I handed her a roller and heard a huge sign.

Evidently it was her life long dream to roll Apple Green onto a wall.

Lest you think I am Tom Sawyer or was it Huck Finn, I did take my turn.

And did all the cutting in.

So, no clay for me today. I will have to leave you with a piece of old clay art that may be my inspiration for my first piece on my slap roller.

And, to show you how scary my brain is, painting the spare room is one step towards getting my clay studio set up downstairs. I have no clue why since they happen to be NEXT to each other but somehow this is progress????


  1. I'm with you on painting girl... kills my back! lol! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Hi , I have missed so many of your posts lately, shame on me ! Another insight into your life and daily doings. Want to see a picture of the apple green room when you have finished.


  3. "Clay Goddess?" I'm afraid you might be misleading people!..Love your pots,
    can't wait to get you producing again.


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