Sunday, May 12, 2013

Barbie Grill & my Paint Stick

a little hand made sculpture made from a paint stick by Luke
represents me with my highlights and a sequin cell phone

The other night we had a rather frank discussion around the supper table. We were eating subs because I had burned the crap out of supper. Had to deploy the fire extinguisher and everything.

Lexi later commented it was the BEST.NIGHT.EVER.MOM as she always wanted to try out a fire extinguisher. Well, Mommy likes to make sure you kids are well rounded....I let them use the rest of it up on a tree.....

Ok, I'll start at the beginning.

Somewhere around 2 pm I decided pork chops would be nice for supper and pulled them outta the freezer. 

Turns out that isn't enough time to thaw so I carefully set the whole mass of chop on the grill with it on low and let warm slowly. 

Then, spent 10 minutes carefully prying them apart and spread them out and dusted them lovingly with some spices. STILL ON LOW. 

I tell you this because when I came out three minutes later, the grill was on fire. 

THE MAN claims the chops were fatty and I have to just get used to the new grill. 

Personally, I think Barbie and I are gunna have a grill smack down soon.

Yes, I have named my grill Barbie. I hate that song Barbie Girl and it doesn't take much for me to twist that into Barbie Grill. 

So, since the flames were quite high and said grill is tied to deck due to high winds, I opted for the fire extinguisher after shutting off the gas and considering my options.

Since I did not want to be the person to set the house on fire I sent Luke in for a fire extinguisher. 

To his credit he brought it directly and calmly. 

I blew the crap outta blazing chops FOUR TIMES and they still wanted to burn...

Perhaps they were fatty. 

THE MAN shows up at the tail end of my performance and says....DID YOU SAVE THE CHOPS.


And then he says...I was just in the bathroom for a minute...and got THE LOOK when he mentioned that now we had to buy a new fire extinguisher. 

Anyhow, back to our frank discussion we had while we were eating the sandwiches.

I felt a little out of my element since I was wearing a ball cap at the table. When I went out to buy supper. I wore it because the last time I set the grill on fire I singed my eyelashes and did not notice for a couple of hours. I figured the hat would hide any fire damage...smudges or otherwise. 

Anyhow THE MAN was asking Luke about the pen that had exploded all over his carpet that may or may not happened while the baby sitter was there..

Luke is super curious about a lot of things. There was the time he plugged the vacuum into the wall with a staple on the plug..and then the time he set his garbage can on fire....Right now he's working with electro-magnets and batteries. 

We try not to stifle creativity in hopes he makes a lot of money when he grows up and buys us our own Island somewhere warm. 

My contribution to the discussion was to explain that his brain is pretty smart and perhaps he should save his experimentation for times when his parents are actually there since we know where the fire extinguisher is. 

I also had previously gotten the pen out of the carpet with hairspray earlier right after I took the chops out for supper.

Since today is Mother's Day in the States, I'd like to publicly thank my children for providing me endless amusement and great art work. There might be a few gray hairs in there too, but that is what the hairdresser and highlights are for.

And yes, I bought a new fire extinguisher. Seemed important. 


  1. Priceless!!! I even called Mr M to come and read this as I laughed so much.
    It is good to keep the fire extinguisher up to date and really good to know it worked - four times.

  2. Oh what a funny tale!! I am so sorry to hear it!!! Well done you for already replacing the fire extinguisher & you see, contrary to traumatizing the kids you gave them a great day LOL!!!

  3. Speechless. Shaking my head in disbelief. Wish I was a fly on the wall. Far enough away not to get singed, of course:):):) You'll never look at pork chops the same. Don't suppose you had time to actually take a photo????......just ASKING!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Man, I haven't visited your blog for such a long time (no, I am so not tired of you, just moving weeks blues stopped me visiting my fav places..)and I find you trying to burn your house down!! I can imagine how excited the kids must have been.

    And now I have Barbie girl in my head, sigh. At least you survived with barely singed hair - well done!! xx

    Ps, love the very life like stick figure sculpture of you, nice highlights (happily or tragically, the identical colours of my fav football team!)

  5. I can hardly type I am laughing so much! my goodness... I shall think of you the next time I cook pork chops, and I shall make sure they are as lean as can be...

  6. are funny.
    Glad you could see the humour in this even though it must have been a little horrifying at that time..
    P/s: I've always wanted to use a fire extinguisher actually.

  7. Did you save the pork chops?....BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Love that creativity is not stifled at your house :)


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