Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Guitars & Guns at Dick's Layout

My cell phone camera is usually in use at the oddest times.

We were eating subs at this little place in the middle of nowhere when I hopped off the tail gate of our truck to take this photo.

THE MAN said, what are you doing?

And I said, well taking a photo. (duh, baby!)

Last Friday we were on route to Canada by way of the middle of nowhere when the oldest from the back seat claimed we were trying to starve her to death.

Now we had perfectly good food in the camper, but had to find either a pull off so we could make sandwiches or a Diner. (not sure if you peeps in other parts of the world have the term diner so linking it up for you)

We found Dick's Country Store and Music Oasis:  Groceries-Gas-Guns-Guitars.

THE MAN remarked that Dick was probably one of the happiest guys on the planet.

When I asked him why, he said well, because he has all of his passions under one roof!

Actually I think there is another reason Dick is so happy. Can you see my little bottle cap windmills? I made those special for this page.

Dick is in luck.

They built the headquarters to a wind farm across the road from his place. In fact, my red arrow is pointing to a windmill he sees out his front window.

When we got there around the noon hour, he had a bunch of white trucks lined up and guys eating lunch on his picnic tables.

When I asked the girl at the register if things had picked up since the windfarm, she shook her head emphastically.

Said business has been rip roaring the past couple of years.

Yeah. Dick is in Florida on a yacht! I am pretty sure of it!

Today I am not in sunny Florida, but enjoying our rain (can you see our wet deck!) and memories of our trip North.

One last photo of my Mike's Hard Lemon-aide bottle cap all smashed and added to a paper windmill!

Happy Tuesday almost hump day!

(thanks Lisa! I owe you a twinkie for passing that along!)


  1. Those STARS!! looove!! I'm not sure if he's a lucky Dick or not.....but you've immortalised him for SURE....great page...those colours.....YUM & Nope - we got cafes, takeaways, restaurants, clubs, milk-bars, but no diners...well, that's the peeps who EAT in the restaurants.....IYKWIM......

  2. Oh you make me laugh! only in america can you get a take away gun with lunch! It is not that easy over here to get a gun.. and certainly not with fries on the side!! Your layout looks fabo.. love your windmill and crushed bottle tops..and I don't know we actually have diners, we call them cafe's i think.. little places to eat.. and today is hump day for me!!


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