Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Painting & Cabinet Loving

It seems LIKE ages ago when I blogged about repainting this cabinet.

The other day it came back in the house.

You would think painting in the summer would be better, but there is something about some nice wood heat in the winter to cure paint that is out of this word! Needless to say, it turned out nicely, even if the paint was easily distressed for my old fashioned look!

The piles were of scrapping stuff was getting OLD, so I was super happy to fill it all back up.

Imagine how happy I am with punches lined up in a row and stamps at my fingertips!

It's a good thing!

I will have to give you a studio tour at some point soon now that I am getting the hang of the video feature on my phone.

Look for a cool video on Friday. Involves what we like to do best here at Pratt Inc. Blow things up!


  1. YES PLEASE...I'd LOOOVE a video of your space...I tell you what, you do yours & I'll try to do mine.....& are they all stamps in those thin envelopes lined up beautifully??? AND please tell me you've got more punches than that. PLEASE????!!!!!!!!!! Glad you enjoyed the gasket post...would be right up Pratt alley:):):)

  2. That is a great cupboard!! it helps to be able to find stuff when you are scrapping!!

  3. how much I love this cabinet with the others, but I'm loving the spice organizer and is that the ever famous cookie sheet we see so much of?

    Now, bring on the explosions!!! :D

  4. Looks great and totally neat, wish mine would stay that

  5. Super cool organisation going on there!! Would love a video tour!! WHere's your other Friday video??


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