Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Huge Disparity: Linking Up to Story Telling Sunday

Really had a great time making this double page spread. The subject however does make me sad quite a bit. 

Had to brush the cupcake crumbs off since I made them at Scrapbook & Cards Crop and Create in Cornwall, Ontario. My adventures there were quite fun but also helps to illustrate what I am writing about. 

So went shopping for flowers for these pages while I was there. I am guesstimating $8 in Prima Goodies and new papers from a $35 kit I brought with me. Not sure what the total cost of this page might be, but lets face it, Scrappin is not exactly cheap. 

This layout is about a trip I took to Peru. I wrote about the boy by the train ages and ages ago last Thanksgiving. That page is the first part of the train trip.

Here is the journaling I added to that page a few days ago on clear vellum:

We then boarded the train for Machu Picchu. We thought the real adventure lay at the end of the ride, but truly the ride itself was beyond amazing. The train had a glass roof and we got fantastic views of the river and mountains. At one point half way through the ride we stopped for a few minutes. I could see this little shack in the distance and a very little boy watching the train.

It was not until we got much closer when I realized he was all by himself. I wondered at a culture so different from mine. When I had kids that size, they were firmly attached to me and I was always fearful that some great evil would befall them if I didn't constantly keep them in eye sight. Obviously he was just fine by himself watching the train go by. 

So, I threw an American quarter at him (it was a slow moving train) because I thought he'd think it was fun. He grabbed that quarter and took off. My Dad and I had a good laugh and we went back to watching the scenery. 

This young girl in the photo may have been that boy's sister as here is what I wrote about our return trip on that same train:

On the return trip from Machu Picchu, we stopped in the same spot. The whole family was out that time and taking handouts from people in the train. The shack was a house and four or five people were collecting candy, dollars, and food. 

One man had no hands and had to scramble to pick up a granola bar with his wrists that the gentleman on the opposite side of the train threw. I had a terrible feeling in my stomach that we on that train had so much. A lovely vacation, a beautiful train ride and these people had our scraps. 

They tried to entertain us on that train. They sent around a clown dressed up in a Peruvian Costume playing a little flute, but it did not distract me from the windows or my heart ache. 

I printed him in sepia and added the photo to a small copper frame to not distract from my page. The actual colors of the clown were gaudy. He was hustling us to buy trinkets & blankets to distract us from the view outside. 

Here you have my small little tale. Just a minute or two of my life. Thankful I had the opportunity to visit Peru and also the abilities to do the things I want to do in life. 

Linking up to Story Telling Sunday. Thanks Sian as always for hosting us!


  1. The disparity is always shocking isn't it, or at least unsettling. Thanks for that reminder today - we are blessed in so many ways.

  2. It's a fascinating story and one which I enjoyed and appreciated very much. It's a great page too..that clown has a very haunting quality to him. I bet he was hard to get out of your head

  3. It is often sad when we travel to different parts of the world and realise the amount of things we have in our own life. We found very similar situations all over Vietnam and Cambodia on a trip we did in August, it really makes us rethink about all that we have. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. It makes you feel a bit - I dunno - like cringeing at the unfair-ness that the geography of birth brings....I actually thought you'd written 'insanity' - then realised it was 'disparity'....OOOPS!!!!!!!!!

  5. Interesting reading, thank you for sharing.

  6. oh that 'clown' looks scary, not at all an entertaining looking face to me.. but then cultures are different.. and yes your story about the family leaves an impact on how really blessed we are to have been born in the places we were and to have all that we have.. fabulous double layout too..

  7. Beautiful page! Love the random sequins and yummy gold letters... I feel like that almost every day here, it's horrible...

  8. Food for thought today Mitra!...
    Love the layout
    Alison xx

  9. A great story, thank you for sharing x


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