Monday, October 14, 2013

Popcorn Treat Box Favors: THE CUTTING CAFE and 13th Birthday

Such a cute little cutting file!

Regina over at THE CUTTING CAFE comes up with the coolest things!

Take a wander over and check out all files that comes with these boxes! You can basically print your own striped paper to make it look like a real pop corn box!

I had to use colors that would work for my oldest's 13th birthday but I am looking forward to making these again!

As you can see below, we filled them with treats! A little lego character, some tic tacs and more candy!

Also added a gold initial which was my daughter's idea.

Here is a close up so you can also see the leaves I cut out using one of Regina's files. 

You can find them here in the Welcome Fall set. 

Love the paper I used. Reminds me of teenagers!

Have a great Monday! It's raining here which makes me happy. Moved a bunch of plants this weekend so they should be getting a good start!


  1. These are sooooooo fun!!! LOVING the flowers!!!!!

  2. oh my word how fun are these.............I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM

  3. These are great - perfect for a party....yummy fillings again, too:):) Guess with all that sugar, they didn't get a lot of sleep, eh???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. These look wonderful.. bright and full of fun.. and candy!!

  5. These are totally YUMMY & Lexi's addition it ingenious!!!

  6. Did someone say candy and Legos?????? OMG...who's excited, besides me, to see that movie???? Incredible birthday gift bags you've both designed here and WOO HOO..Regina's files ARE so freaking cool!
    I can only imagine you created a 13th birthday full of wonderful memories for Lexi. :)


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