Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Funkie Junkie Tags and Lindy Stamp Gang Mists

Had a fun little time this weekend with some mists and some goody bags from The Funkie Junkie. Did you know Linda sends along these little cellophane baggies full of cool things for each order? Realized that I had a couple of bags that I had been hoarding not to mention some fun new tag paper and new mists! So I made four tags!

Forgot how much I liked playing with mists. In fact, this is probably why I don't buy them because they are so yummy!

My favorite two tags are probably these two. The little girl image and those cool pieces of foliage came in a recent package. And I can't imagine why I haven't played with that dress form already!

In an ongoing effort to do more Random Acts of Kindness and Be Kind these will get released into the wild of the Corning Area! (Indoors of course, goodness gracious I know paper and snow don't mix!)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Lovely tags ! I also got my LSG mists out for playing:)

  2. Really pretty tags Mitra, love your vintage style!
    ps. I want to thank you so so much for the gorgeous box that arrived last week. Even prettier in real life, thank you!

  3. Gorgeous tags! I love that tag shape and yes... I think those are my favorites too... although I'm really no good at picking favorites... I love them all!


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