Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Old School Pile o' Valentine's

The family had decided to watch Hidden Figures over the snowy weekend and since I have windows from my office into the living room, I caught a large portion of the show. It was really nice to have a pile of pretties to play with & watch a movie. Good show too. A lot of think about.

The cards weren't anything special. Just a bunch of scraps. In fact, the white is the backing from the foil back tape project I saved from last week. A requirement for Valentine's Day is the heart doily, so I made a bunch with red and others with white.

What fun are those little tickets and the heart gems! Yummy!

I'm not sure if I'll send these out or release into the wild as a RAK. I suppose it depends if I get time to make another pile! I do like to send cards, which is why these are FLAT!!! I could always make 3D ones for the RAK.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. These are awesome and I LOVED Hidden Figures... fantastic movie! Beautiful valentines too!


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