Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Today Together Double Page Layout

I lucked out the other day and went to a scrapbooking party where we assembled some easy peasy & very pretty layouts. This helps when you are trying to scrapbook a ton of vacation photos. Take a look at this two page spread!

It's pretty CAS for me, but then I added some bling and spritz which helped! I then made a quick little collage so I could lay out three photos in a row on each side. This first page was to document a cool hike up Diamond Head.

This mirror image page had a few less flowers. We went to a Buddhist Temple called BYODO  (take a peek at their video, it has drone!!) and it happened to be raining. It was still really cool. It was at Valley of the Temples, which pretty much meant it was a huge cemetery!

My favorite part were all the koi fish who were being watched by a kitty. I took a video to show Lexi. We do love KOI!

Anyhow I've rambled on enough! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Really lovely double pager, great photos..

  2. Beautiful layouts! The papers were perfect for these photos and the photos... gorgeous! Love the rainy sound in the video... made me go away for a little bit and forget it was April 9th...


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