Monday, March 5, 2018

All My Bags are Packed....

THE MAN and I are heading off soon for a little tropical vacation to celebrate the 20th. In true Mitra fashion, I'm making layouts without any photos! I had a little bag full of pretty paper including these flamingos and thought I should have a start to making pages!

After that I had a play with the same paper and some tags that came off the new shorts I had to buy. It's kinda still winter here and the stores aren't selling shorts as of yet, so I had to get busy buying on Amazon. Hence, a ton of tags!

I made that rumply yellow flower ages from items that came from my erosion bundle. That doily is from the same place. I posted that project last week if you missed it! I'm really enjoying the bits and pieces from it!

So much so that I heard where we're going that it rains quite a lot but not for long, so I'm bringing a bundle with me.

Someone gave me some coffee filters are work so I bought them home to craft with. These papers are layered in with the filters & some inks.

Looking forward to a restful week away and then to come home all recharged!

Happy Monday! I'll be back tomorrow with my project for THE CUTTING CAFE!


  1. Advances Anniversary Wishes !! Good job with the ppsz and tags :) Enjoy your vacation.

  2. Oh boy... so I think maybe you're on your vacation? Or will be soon? I hope you have a wonderful time and how much fun to take some stuff with you ... I think you're starting another erosion bundle? I'm tired... it's getting late... but I think that's what the idea is... can't wait to get back to that project!


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