Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kayak Around the Bay Layout

My Mom (aka Grandma Gretch) and Luke had a little Kayak around Dunhams Bay when we were up to Lake George a couple of weekends back. He is so much longer than my Dad that they had to adjust things mid trip so he was more comfortable. That kid is growing like a weed! He said it was a lot of fun and a bit of me was quite jealous to not have gone myself!

I'm really digging the washi tape with paint splatter look at the present moment so I used a bit of washi with some red hearts to match the color of Mom's kayak. Also grabbed my other favorite with the gold dots! I used some birch bark stuck under the photo as well. It makes nice washi tape strips when cut on the paper cutter. ;-)

I was randomly pleased my toes matched my page, hence you are getting a photo of my pedi as well...and I'm loving sandal weather! Bring on more summer please!

Oh check out that gold sequin making an apperance in the very bottom corner...super pretty!

Hope your Hump Day rocks like a boat! Oh wait..rocking the boat is bad...anywho....


  1. This is STUNNING, Mitra. NEW FAVE:) That little hessian bow.....that WASHI with the gold spots.....the 'target'.....the strips of's really YUMMY :))))))

  2. Such an odd word to describe paper, but Lizzy is spot on...this LO is yummy scrumptious. The colors and textures and layers and incredible patterns just tickle my eyes pink! Oh and blue with little red hearts and gold....
    This page is FABULOUS!!!
    And again, your penmanship is outstanding and it's always fun to see your toes in the summer posts!

  3. Loved the toes!! and love the layout.. great photo.. love the flower clusters.. and the sequins.. love them too!!

  4. p.s. you wont see my toes.. we are mid winter here.. all you will see is socks...


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