Thursday, July 2, 2015

Shades of Purple, Blue, Green and Mike

I'm off this morning to a breakfast at the office. I hear we're having pancakes and sausage...I'm so there! Just wanted to pop by with a couple of photos!

Friday is a holiday here in the States for some due to the 4th of July.. and THE MAN and I have a hot date with some sheet rock & demo work in our garage...but before we jump into that huge project, let me show you some smaller projects that are wrapping up..

The grotto garden behind the garden shed is growing nicely! I transplanted a ton of hostas back there in the spring and they are working on blooming...such a light delicate purple color! And my garden globe finally arrived so I can put my new garden sculpture out that we built! Love that blue shimmer!

I sanded down the top to Casper Clay's Art desk last weekend (carefully mind you, I had to keep his name and a few other little things he had drawn!) and added my green scallops that I blogged about finding on Monday. It then got a coat of clear to make sure I could wash it off should scrapping prove messy! ;-)

Do you not love them? Huge thanks to Etsy Store called Wood N What Knots for making them! 

I'm off tonight to see the Magic Mike Movie with the girls. I thought it was a basketball movie until I realized it had to do with a male stripper. I am guessing it's the Shades of Gray for the summer...getting women hot and bothered! I hope it inspires me to strip sheet rock off the garage walls!

Happy Pancake & Hot movie day!


  1. You have been busy ! Your garden looks lovely, so fresh and inviting. Pancakes sound so good , I am sure you would have enjoyed breakfast . I haven't seen the magic Mike movie yet, but with Tatum Channing in it, it should be very watchable

  2. Loving the photos!! The gazing ball looks awesome! And lol to your Magic Mike comments! HA!!!!!

  3. I WANT YOUR YARD!!! ;) Hopefully eventually the day will come when I can send you pictures and ask for planting advice...fingers crossed. They've been here working ALL freaking day long! Of course we had 4" of rain and a tornado nearby last night, so it's not looking all too lovely at the moment. I'll just keep coming back to these pictures!! Awesome job by the two of you and it's really paying off!

  4. LOL! Hope you get all that heat out on the sheets of the garage!! Sounds a fun day all round, actually. Your desk looks AWESOME & so does your garden art. Fabulous indeeeeedy:):)

  5. Wow. I love all the lush greenery in your garden, the sculpture looks great too! And not sure about that movie... I hope it was inspiring for you!


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