Monday, June 29, 2015

Deer Me, More Junkin!

This past week involved a couple of sweet finds. The first was some wooden scrolls at the Crooked River Co-op in Wavery, NY. I love using those on furniture and I have Casper Clay's craft desk that might need a couple...they are pretty easy to add with the air nailer and I'll spray paint them black & distress...They are made local to me but there is an Etsy Store called Wood N What Knots.

And then there is the huge bowl of white knobs...that I got at the ReStore and plan on using on those little drawers that need to be upcycled from when Lexi was little...I am thinking some cool patterned paper and white knobs....but first I'll probably spray paint it something neutral...

I love those little deer salt and paper shakers that my family claims are fugly. They kinda make me wanna do a Christmas theme on that set of drawers even tho it's summer here! ;-)

And then (you can't see them well) I found those itty bitty knobs that are also from Wood N What Knots. ...they would fit a very small chest of drawers! I am thinking I'll use them on THE CUTTING CAFE Dresser Box...all these things are making me inspired!

It's Monday so I'll need all the help I can get!


  1. Loving those goodies!!! Great finds!!!!

  2. Not ugly! Not ugly! Only have eyes for the deer...... we COLLECT them over here. Don't you alter them too much....they are beautiful just they way they are! I LOOOVE your plans for the little drawers & can't WAIT to see those tiny knobs in place..... much FUN you have had!!!

  3. Wow some treasures here, I wonder what you will do with them!!? Hehe have fun!


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