Monday, June 22, 2015

Broke Back Cankle

The other day I took myself to the doctor. The same back ache for two weeks was getting old and not being able to reach my toes kinda stunk. So away I went.

In the spirit of cooperation, I offered to pee in a cup right off so we could rule out bladder infection. I also proudly displayed my cankle. My ankle has been ugly since Mother's Day, but I was pretty sure it wasn't bad enough to wrap or you know get in to see the doc. But hey, since I was already there and had paid my $20 was fair game. 

The twenty something year old doc who could have also had a career in modeling listened a bit and said well....Your cankle as you call it is causing the back ache. 

Seriously? WTF. I didn't recall my back hurting since Mother's Day. Just two weeks back I woke up in the morning in pain. Who hurts themselves while sleeping anyhows?

She then went on to suggest that we wrap said cankle and called for an x-ray and oh by the way, should it be broken, I'm going to get a boot to wear. 

I gave her a hairy eye ball. Wrap cankle? It doesn't even hurt, it just looks nasty. And I sure as hell wasn't gunna wear a boot. Hello, it's summer! I politely declined to have my cankle wrapped. 

Ten seconds later, the nurse was wrapping it. 

I was overruled. I considered a quick smack down since I was pretty sure I had at least 50 lbs on said twiggy model doctor, but then thought the nurse would get involved and then things would get ugly. 

When I got home with a wrapped ankle and the supper I had picked up, THE MAN said it was about time I listened to someone. 

Oh yeah I said? She also said to keep moving.

Which meant we were up to our normal shenanigans this weekend. THE MAN stuck me on the tractor so I could help him take down a telephone pole. I also moved plants and push mowed. While I was at it, I planted my new rose bush. It's called Jump for Joy. No, there will be no jumping for a bit.

Still having trouble putting my socks on, but I think I'm on the mend finally!


  1. My goodness.. so I am assuming it wasn't broke just badly sprained??? and i can tell you kept moving by that long list of stuff you got done.. lovely rose too by the way!!

  2. YOU NUTTER!!! You should listen to the professionals and DO AS YOU'RE TOLD. I think The Man has a point!!!! But, you know... there are some GRAMMA genes in there, waiting to ESCAPE I reckon!!!!

  3. What the heck chica? I'm assuming it happened somewhere between chapter 4 and 6 of the Kama Sutra book...I mean if it did happen in bed n' all.
    I hope it's treating you better now :D
    ps. OMG....I've missed your blog!

  4. Aaaaaw I'm sorry to hear :( Be gentle with it. You only have one more!! Glad you can still get up to your usual shenanigans!!


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