Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Congrats Wedding Card for Caleb

This dude I work with got married this past weekend. The other guys I work with tried very hard to talk him outta it. They are all scared of their wives but usually get to do anything they want, so the advice was a bit hollow.

It's double embossed...started with the gold and then added the alcohol ink and then added some sparkle...it's pretty delish!

I got it from Close to My Heart and it was so pretty I had to break the I'm not Buying Any More Stamps Period Rule.

I paired the card up with some vintage wrapping paper and a glass rose. Not sure Caleb will be big either of them, but I betcha his new Mrs. will love em! Her wedding colors were purple, pink and she had lots of chalk boards all over! Very trendy! Tried to at least use some of those colors!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. That is stunning! Your gift is truly thoughtful and well choreographed with the wedding theme. Nicely done chica.

  2. Oh yes! I soooo understand the not ever buying anymore stamps ....except this one 'rule'!!!! And it's a beauty AND I ADORE the 'double embossing'....that shimmer is DIVINE....yup, it's all blackboards and jupe/hessian atm at weddings, it seems.....


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