Thursday, June 4, 2015

LESSology's Lace Challenge: Altered Candle Stick

The other day I came across a lovely black single candle stick at the second hand store. It was really heavy, smooth and oh so lonely since there was only one. I thought it would make a fantastic perch for the wooden bird my Mom gave me at Mother's Day. 

Check out what I started with for the bird. It was originally a little hanger and I couldn't settle on where to hang it. 

Love the little circle in the middle! Makes a great place to stash a pretty little purple crystal that I've been hoarding. 

My favorite part of this whole thing is the spray painted gold base with the alcohol inked peals. I only had cream colored ones and I wanted them to match, so I added alcohol ink!

Honestly the whole project came about because I wanted something to tie a nice chunk of lace on! I also wanted it to match a basket I made so I used similar flowers. I am really pleased at how it turned out!

If you get a chance, please play along with our Lace Challenge over at LESSology!


  1. Both of these are beautiful! Love the pearls at the base!

  2. Clever creating! Love the base with the sparkly bits, and your birdie looks great on the top!

  3. Gorgeous! Love the purple crystal & the ombre gold base. the pearls came up perfectly with the alcohol inks. Thanks to you I ordered a bundle of those at a local sale here!!

  4. LOVE it. What a creative idea.

  5. I wish I could craft with you....these are so neat!!


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