Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Seam Binding Spool Holder outta Junk!

THE MAN would claim that the dowel for this project lurked in his garage for months and it's possible that he might be correct. However, it's finally put together! Here is my Seam Binding spool holder in it's pre spray paint glory! The bottom is a wire wheeled piece of cast iron I had in my stash, then the wood dowel, then a little lamp finial. Everything is held together with bolts as we threaded the wooden rod.

Here is my spool all sprayed with a Hammered metal paint. Love my spray paint stump don't ya!
It's very handy. I am not looking forward to the day when THE MAN rents a stump grinder.

Here is my spool all set up with my vintage seam binding! Looks like I need to score some more!
And while we are on the topic of putting things together...

A second hand store $10 concrete bird bath base, a metal spray painted base from a dish all topped off with a glass gazing ball holder off Amazon! I am just waiting for my gazing ball to arrive so I can install this in the garden!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Looks really neat! Love your spray painting stump... Think it's a keeper personally!! And can't wait to soo your garden sculpture finished:):)

  2. That spool holder looks AMAZING!! And can't wait to see the finished gazing ball project!!!!!

  3. Love the spool holder. I think your stump is a keeper.

  4. I never know what you have given a new of life to when I come by here but this one looks great! It will be very handy! And love your painting stump too!

  5. WOW I am always jealous of your amazing DIY finds & fancying up skills!!

  6. Dude! You scored that seam binding forever ago and viola....what a freaking sweet place to store it. I love your mix n' match marvels!!!


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