Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Third Punch Cup of Christmas for the Funkie Junkie Challenge

Linda's third tag had me stumped a little. Red is always a hard color for me but I got creative and painted my snowflake red. Hers had a bit of a copper color to it, so I used one of my clear cups and frosted it first. Then I hit it up with some copper spray paint. I really liked making the little snow scene in the last cup to decided to cut out some deer out of craft paper.

I used Be Merry as a spin off on Merry Christmas on a little metal piece I had. Can you see it hiding behind the deer?

Hope you get a chance to stop by Linda's Shop, The Funkie Junkie! Her store is hosting the challenge and I cannot wait to go on a nice long shopping spree! Thanks for the lovely tag to inspire us, Linda!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. That copper looks fabulous! And I'm with you on the red--- so good work with that!!!!

  2. My favorite so far. However, I just might change my mind a few times before the end!!!

  3. These are so very cool! Love the way your mind works! I still haven't had a chance to use what I learned from you on a project! I had my boys here and then I was away from home for a couple weeks....maybe this will be the weekend. Finally in my studio....idk... It's intimidating to start. But I'm challenging myself...either a tin or at least use the embossed tape on something...or both? Anyway, awesome how you see something in nothing....

  4. Another wonderful little piece of Christmas!

  5. Maybe Dunk your new doggie would like a cup in his honor...he was an early present? And his name relates to coffee cups and dunk in doughnuts...

  6. I have looked at these several times and just cannot figure out how you've created the dimension in the cup, are there hidden supports for your lovely collections? Striking creations, every one!

  7. Gorgeous, Mitra. It just glows! Love the tiny deer standing in the snow. The trees and snowflake are pretty great too! Another gorgeous cup!



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