Friday, October 30, 2015

The Forth Punch Cup of Christmas for the Funkie Junkie Challenge

I am really enjoying these cups! Altering them has been so much fun! This one was originally white until I sprayed the edge gold.

This tag of Linda's was a little hard for me because I didn't have any plaid! That flower & those pine cones are really rock stars and I wanted to at least pull in the colors and velvet texture of the flower.

Since I was using red, white, and green I used a little green Stayzon ink to  highlight all the details on the actual cup!

I really love those fuzzy flocked branches! They are vintage! Those pinecones I picked up while camping and I've been holding onto them for Christmas projects. 

I'm really enjoying adding these rusty keys and the snowflakes too! 

Take a peek at Linda's Shop, The Funkie Junkie! Her store is hosting the challenge and the items she carries are top notch!


  1. Love the keys that you're using....on this one, adore the outside with the frosty and the green....that looks fabulous :):)

  2. Mitra, love this one too. I bet you are having a "ball" with these.

  3. These are looking wonderful! Well done! Very creative!

  4. How fun is this? I love the gold rim and the green highlights. The pinecones and the greenery are perfect. Another great addition to the collection.


  5. This is so terrific! I can't wait to wander back and catch up on all of your creations for the 12 tags challenge!


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