Thursday, October 15, 2015

What Happens on the Wine Tour Stays on the Wine Tour....unless you are a blogger

Randomly the weekend after we had lost the dog, I had scheduled a wine tour with a friend. Teri was super excited to get out of the house and I thought THE MAN and I needed to buck away we went.

Mr. Les Frisky (the wine tour owner and yes that is his real name) turned out to be really good at off color jokes and picking hole in the wall wineries that I had never visited. WE HAD A BLAST. I promised myself that the next wine tour would result in photos of the actual winery so I could remember where I had gone...and perhaps even the bottle of wine in front of said winery? Would help with the wine brain that results in a few too many samples...

Regardless, we came home with lots of bottles and some good memories of a really great time! It also took our mind off things thankfully for the day.

I cut out some letters on my Silly as I had to spell out Get Frisky & Frisky twice because I made Teri a page. You might also spot a sticker I copied from one winery that says Hickory Hollow spit or swallow as that is of course what you might do with a wine sampling..but we all had a good laugh over it!

I shrunk down the Wine Glass Card that Regina sells over at The Cutting Cafe to make those two little glasses. They make me happy! Not quite as happy as a real glass of wine, but pretty close!

You might spot some beer in the photos too! We hit a couple breweries as well. A great time had by all! I can't wait to go on our next tour early November!

Happy Thursday!


  1. You guys all look like you're having a those [very full!!!] wine glasses.....really nice you did a page your your mate.....& the title. looks FABULOUS :)

  2. Stunning pages so full of energy and fun. Now there's a name I've never heard before. What a gift to a scrapbooker looking for an excellent title, or two

  3. Looks very tasty and fun!!! You need to see movie "Sideways" for a hilarious take on CA wine tasting tour by two guys with actor Paul NOT to act in the wine tasting room. Don't let any CA wine snobs see this film:-D

  4. LOVE the glasses embellishments you made & great photos of a fun day!!


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