Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dreading the Project Life

Earlier today, I made myself finish the project life page that accompanies this scrap page first, which is one way through something. Sheer will. ;-) Not sure why I am struggling so with Project Life. I imagine by my second one I might enjoy it more...I can say honestly that I started the Project Life page at least a couple of weeks it's nice it's finally done....

Opted to round my corners. I saw that somewhere and liked it, besides the corner rounder thing hasn't seen the light of day for ages and ages. Love all of Lexi's scenery photos. So pretty!

I haven't gone matchy matchy on pages that are next to each other in a book in ages! I did coordinate these though and I even made round edges on my scrap page! I'm excited to start her next set of photos she took in a monastery....betcha by then I'll rock the PL!

Happy Hump Day peeps!


  1. No way should you be worried about PL....this looks FANTABULOUS! I hope you do start to enjoy it, cos it's THE best way to get those photos.... especially holiday ones..... scrapped!!! LOVE the scrappy page, too. And she's sure got a 'good eye' for a photograph:):)

  2. Your pages look great! I'm not a fan of PL either...the slots drive me crazy!

  3. PL is a great way to get travel pics documented. I think it looks easier than it actually is. It is quite time consuming, but worth it in the end I think. Your page looks wonderful. Love travel pages

  4. These papers are perfect for the photos! Love your project life page as well.... I struggle with those too... love these beautiful layouts..


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