Thursday, May 18, 2017

Flat Cortona Layout & PL Page

Goodness gracious I had fun working with these photos! And I even managed to wrangle a project life page out at the same time. Seriously fun. It might have been because I also had a new to me stamp to play with.

Can you see that pretty purple lace stamp up in the corner? Was passed along to me by my friend Teri and I love it! Was super excited to try it.

A big background stamp and those cool water color flowers made it easy to keep the page really flat! I even used the stamp to make some background paper for my project life page. Worked awesome! I think doing the PL page at the same time as the actual layout works a lot better for me so they match!

Rocking those water color flowers and butterfly on these too! They are so much fun!

Happiest Fridays to you! I'm working tomorrow, so no doubt on Monday I'll have plenty of adventures! 

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  1. Oh My... once again, I'm in awe... this layout is perfect for those gorgeous photos... makes me want to scrap a page... soon... soon...


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