Monday, May 15, 2017

Momming & Magnolia for Memorandum Monday

Generally speaking, my peoples here are bad at gift giving. Somehow that gene didn't get passed from my side of things to any of the kids. THE MAN generally operates under the principal of go big or go home, which means the most awesome gifts I've gotten are rare & infrequent but pretty epic. So, anyhow, nobody was getting me a mushy gushy happy Mother's Day card with the exception of maybe my Mother.

So when the oldest insisted that THE MAN run out with her to track down a magnolia and they came back with this less common but lemon yellow one called Sunsation that got planted where I can see it out of the side window? Pretty epic.

The oldest decided for Mother's Day we needed to fill some planters. Normally peeps wait until Memorial Day around these parts in case of frost, but she was insistent that we plant the onion that sprouted in the pantry. The onion got planted with some herbs while the larger pot got a combo of purple and yellow flowers. So pretty!

Meanwhile in the little Japanese garden, my new ceramic koi fish is hanging out! This was a gift from my Mom for Mother's Day and just as soon as I'm done installing more rocks, I'll find a nice spot for my little fish to swim around! So pretty!

Well, we're off to start a new week! Mine involves some travel & a house that needs to be gutted. Never a dull moment around here! Happy day after Mother's Day to you!

Waving a hello to Sian who is also a Mommy and our host for Memorandom Monday!


  1. Thank you for sharing photos of your lovely garden - that magnolia looks spectacular - you must be thrilled!

  2. What a lovely series of pictures! Have a very Happy Mother's Day.. from me! (a little late, sorry)

    Have a great week Mitra

  3. Love what you have done here, especially in reusing those rocks! :-)

  4. You've been truly blessed Mitra, love the magnolia and that little fish!

  5. Wow! You had an awesome mother's day I'd say... so much fun when it's unexpected. That magnolia is gorgeous... And to watch it grow... that's going to be awesome...


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