Monday, June 26, 2017

Chillaxing on the First Weekend

We are all officially done with school so this is the first official weekend of summer for me. This is some of my favorite time of year as at least two of us out of four are not stressed out. The boy got a towel as he left middle school prompting at least a couple of So Long and Thanks for all the Fish comments in reference to Hitchhikers. He's off to STEM Academy in the fall due to his own dilegence and abilities. Only forty kids from local schools are picked. I am hoping he's not as stressed out in the fall, but somehow I doubt it. Having found out recently that they asked him to run high school track and go to All County Chorus and he turned them down, I suppose he's good at managing his own's hard being so awesome. (warning-big Mom brag)

Since we plan camping months and months ahead, it was nice to run off to Oneida Lake for a couple of days. I even managed a few lazy mornings in bed with a book. I had to borrow one from the kids as I don't normally read. I avoid it all costs because once I get into a book I refuse to do anything else but read it and that makes everyone else mad because they like meals and clean laundry. The nerve.

Granda Pratt took us out on his new boat and I spent some time testing out the lounge seats. They are very awesome. Should have paired them up with a book, but again everyone expected me to talk to them too...silly people.

I'm back tomorrow with a layout from our adventures and later on in the week I'll be posting my newest addiction....mosaics with stained glass & found objects....and black grout!


  1. I'm getting a feeling that you have a thing for black grout!...lolol! Happy Summer! Mine's been going on since around March :) (small southwest brag)


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