Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Eataly Layout for Lexi (Subtitled: Get it?)

The oldest was so proud of this photo of a resturant in Italy when she got home. She thought it was very punny, hence it got made into a big page for her book. I also used a smaller photo of pizza that she took. It sounded like between pizza and pasta, that is pretty much what she ate all week. ;-) Well, add in gelatos as well. Poor kid must have really suffered.

Had a fun little play with some blooms, string, and a tassle. I am trying to keep her book pretty flat so trying (for once) to not load up the pages too much. Really digging that vellum with the gold. So pretty!

While I had that pretty paper out, I used a chunk of it on a card that is flying off to a friend who is currently hospitalized. I am hoping it's waiting for her when she arrives home to cheer her up.

I felt pretty clever when I punched out a big scallop and then stamped in the center of it, so the sentiment is actually on the inside...

Well, two pages and a card made this past's to a productive week and hoping I get a chance to wrap up a few more projects! Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Beautiful layout and that card... oh that will make her feel better for sure. I love how you're using that metallic striped vellum... I have that and haven't used it... need to get it out and on something!! That is an awesome photo and I LOVE puns... great name for a restaurant... I'd be happy with pizza for the whole vacation for sure... that's all I need... this pizza... I don't need anything else... except maybe this blue cheese.. I do need that... the pizza and the blue cheese... and this Pepsi... sorry... carried away..


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