Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sweet City: Venice Layout for Lexi & THE CUTTING CAFE

Oh goodness. It's always fun to repurpose a printing file in a cool and different way. Add in some fun stamping on photo paper and I'm all kinds of pumped.

Check out this cool BINGO card from THE CUTTING CAFE. It's in the Valentine's Day Bingo Set. See I was at the very last of the letters on the sticker sheet and I wanted to say something about Venice being epic...so I cheated and used the top of the Bingo Card for my title...I used a cool little stamp on top of it too which made me extra happy...

Lexi was pleased with her page when she wandered by. I'm finally making a little more progress in her book! I'll be back with another page tomorrow...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. good grief.............totally amazing...i love this....love the texture on the bingo card to

  2. Another awesome photo! She's quite the photographer! Love this layout too... how is it it's been this long since I've been here! Coffee... I blame the coffee... I'm back now...


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