Monday, February 5, 2018

Trevi Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy (Rome, Italy)

Goodness, I've started back on the Italy album for Lexi. It's likely about half done and I ran out of steam this past summer due to camping and then there was Christmas....thankfully Another Freaking Scrappy has a challenge up to scrap about:  "what makes you feel loved?", or "how you make others feel loved" and I thought I'd show you. I like to make people feel loved by scrapping memories. In the case of this album, they are Lexi's memories as I was just a bystander watching as cool photos got posted on Facebook. Love that she had this opportunity! 

It's hard to take outdoor photos this time a year, but you really need that outdoor light to see things like the gold shimmer embossing in this paper. It's really quite pretty. Disregard the black plastic mat I used to keep the page dry. Check out the edge too. I used the really pretty floral paper under the embossed and let it peek out a little. So pretty!

I really wanted to show case a lot of paper here, but didn't want the floral one to overwhelm my photo so I added a sheet of velum over it in the circle I cut. The little strips & that cool turquoise straw create a spot to ground the photo of all the kids that went to Italy. They were tossing a coin over their shoulder into the Trevi Fountain for good luck when they were in Rome so they can ensure they will return!

The last photo is just for fun. There was a light dusting of snow on the sidewalk and the birds have wandered all over. In fact, I even spotted some very tiny hoof prints which means a deer came to check out what the birds have been up to. At the very top of my layout in the snow you can see some little hoppy bird prints.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh yes, shiny surfaces are hard to photograph! Such a lovely layout!

  2. Gorgeous... and that circle window again! I just love that look and have to remember it for next time I squeak out a layout.


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