Monday, May 14, 2018

Quick & Easy Thank You Cards with the Top Note Die

Recently I've been attending the PTSD meetings at my kid's school. Really, it's the PTA or maybe its the PTO, which stands for Parent Teacher something or other, but mainly it's a bunch of woman and the principal who sit around and chat for a bit. It's generally speaking not my cup of tea, since there isn't tea served there or even wine. But Megan's Mom is going and drives right by, so I have been going. Plus it turns out STEM Moms are all kinds of normal. Probably because their kids are flying the helicopter or even made the helicopter....

They needed thank you cards and a lot of them. I offered to check the ReStore but I only found some packages of baby invites.

So I made some. I'm about half way there, but these were super easy! I had a pile of these pretty bits & strips...and they needed to be used up! So, these are kinda like left over cards!!!!!

First I grabbed all the useless strips of paper out of the kit and cut some 4 by 6 pieces up too to use as the backgrounds. Then I used adhesive and stuck them to a piece of paper.

Then, I ran the whole thing through the die cut machine. I used a die that is probably the first one I ever bought called the Top Note die from Stampin Up. How easy is that?

After about three cards I figured out that I could cut out a shape and then stamp, so the sentiment was also inside. Wow. I felt clever! Some of these cards even had some misted backgrounds from another project I was working on. So pretty!

They are traveling to the Mom who needed them by Kid Post. I can't wait to hear what she thinks!

Happy Monday! I'll be back tomorrow with a project that MY Mom made!

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  1. LOVE these! Great idea to have the sentiments in the windows and great way to use up strips...


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