Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Fish Army

The oldest came home the other day smelling rather burnt and with a reddish hue to her face. She had left wearing SPF 30 and with a spring in her step. She had an entire day at a torch being trained on how to be a flame worker...and came home dragging. She said quite clearly when she got home: I made a lot of fish when asked how it went. Just how many fish wasn't clear until the large sized Amazon box returned full of fish a day later. They are lovely by themselves. Some of them have rather large sized fishy lips with little twists in their fins.

Fish in groups of three aren't bad either. You can enjoy the little bubbles which according to her might seem cool but the instructor considers a flaw. She adds bubbles to her marbles though because she likes the look. 

Others seem to be standing via their fins with a little fishy smirk on their face. None of them have dumb fins. About a month ago Lexi came home after trying to make dolphins and was quite annoyed about their dumb fins. I guess her instructor gave her lots of tips of making fins. In fact, this is his fish design. ;-)

Some of them we discovered we could reflect color into the glass by means of a light and a colored piece of paper. I had to enlist help taking these photos. Thankfully Luke's GF Megan messes around with photography so this might be my favorite photo from the batch. My photos were terrible.

A fish army currently sits in my office. They are in need of re-homing. I mean there are a lot of fish in here. Some of them have extra fins as she was using them to practice on. I actually think they might be multiplying....

Happy Monday!


  1. AND ... they all look like fish! So much talent. I love them. I covet them LOL. It's a good job I live too far away or I would be on your doorstep smiling like puss-in-boots and begging for fish.

  2. Wow..they look amazing and made by Lexi !

  3. Oh my... that pic of all of them together is SO cool! That is one cool army of fish... flaws or no... I mean isn't that what makes a piece unique? Love them!


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