Thursday, May 17, 2012

Better Homes and Gardens Benches, NOT!

At one point this winter THE MAN spotted the pattern for these benches somewhere and randomly decided he wanted to do some wood working. 

Winter where the walls start closing in. 

These benches have been done for months. 

I did promise to post them at some point at which point he looked sideways at me. 

THE MAN is a private sort of dude. 

The other day I washed the couch pillows. And set them out to dry on the porch and laughed. 

It looked so......Better Homes and Gardeny. Can't tell they are wet from the photo, can ya!

So much so I moved the only plant I have potted up for the summer up to be pretty with the benches. 

So, just a few glamour shots of a project used to keep THE MAN from going winter stir crazy! And, the pillows? ARE BACK ON THE COUCH fresh, clean and dry.

I am pretty sure I will never have a "picture" perfect deck, but hey it's fun to look at for five minutes.


  1. Wow! they look pretty darn good to me!!

  2. LOL!!! Tooooo funny!! Looks awesome to me!

  3. But isn't it nice to have one for a nano-second!!! It looks like beautiful weather, too:):) And the plant was 'the' perfect touch:):)

  4. They are awesome. Hey, if he wants to make a couple and send them down to me in Oz I would be more than happy.....Love the cushions and pot plant. Very homes and gardens.

  5. Isn't it wonderful to live like the other half, even if it's only for 5 minutes? You can certainly have some wicked awesome BBQ's on that porch with your glam seating and cushions (that you can re-borrow) from the couch.

    AWESOME pictures!

  6. Certainly can't tell they're wet..the benches are fab!
    Alison xx

  7. Looks fabulous - oh I wish I had a handy DH like yours! You need some permanent cushions out there for sure!!


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