Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Story: Ladder Luck

Dad is taking a break a bit to do some writing this summer. So I thought I'd step in for him now and again with a short little story and also some art made by other people! So, today is a quick little story from last weekend. Linking this up to Sian's Story Telling Sunday!

So if you have been following my blog, you know we've been working on our barn roof. It's a massive undertaking when you are weekend warriors like THE MAN and I.

Now THE MAN has been on roofs since he was a peewee. Me, never.

So, when I scaled the ladder a few weeks back I thought I had done something big, even the deep calming breathing when I hit the top and stepped off. THE MAN did his best to look impressed and say GOOD JOB. But I know he was thinking oh crap. She is going to be horrible on this roof helping me.

So, no amount of deep breathing can make you be good at a roof. I think it's a skill you hone over much experience. No time for training me. When you put the slats on before the metal, you do want to get your steel on sooner rather than later due to making nail holes ALL OVER your shingles. Thankfully, Dad Pratt arrived and as a past employee of Pratt Brother's Roofing, he was nimble and comfortable about giving us a hand.

Here is a shot of our uneven roof, adding the slats to make it even and also give the steel something to be nailed to.

NOW the fact Dad Pratt is involved does not get me off the hook for helping. The big sheets of metal still needed to be schlepped up the ladder not to mention keeping the guys lubricated with drinks and meals.

Last weekend I had my show, but was around Sunday to help carry steel. So, they had gotten all the way around to the back of the barn and had set up the ladder. THE MAN and I were carrying the steel over to the ladder and he was pushing it up to his Dad on the roof.

A gust of wind hit us causing our steel to bend bow and start flying out of our hands. We were paying attention to that when the ladder was also affected by the wind and it started to fall. THE MAN being a tall guy, reached up as it was falling and pushed it out of the way from hitting us or the steel. It was a random motion but since I woulda been squashed like a I much appreciated.

Needless to say, we stopped to eat an early supper and count our blessings!

I believe they will be finishing this project today, thank goodness. But then that leaves the house...wish me luck!


  1. Oh my! Thank God, surely. Nice reading your post. I like the blog name, Mitralee. I think it means friendship.

  2. Now that sounds like seriously hard work..I'm transfixed by that beautiful blue sky though and the thought of being up there, closer to it lol

    Thanks for joining us this month. It's a pleasure to have you with us

  3. That IS a big roof...glad hubby has such quick instincts!
    Alison xx

  4. Wow!!!
    Have a nice Sunday,
    Cheers from France

  5. Thankful the man had such quick reactions. Next door need the roof done - I'm hoping they wait until after I retire... it will be a big job too.

  6. Sounds like you had a lucky escape. I'm not a fan of ladders myself!

  7. Yikes! If you are a cat then you would be down another life!
    Thank God for The Man's quick reaction!
    By the way the shot of the finished part of the roof is totally awesome. Gretchen

  8. there is no way I would get up a ladder and onto that roof I am a complete coward with heights! So glad the man was quick thinking, definitely a lucky escape!

  9. That barn is very cool! Wow!! We don't even have a garage for our cars - just a carport! You must store a host of things in there! Is that where the hot tub is?! Gosh I would hate to have to spend my Sundays going up and down a ladder and would be absolutely terrified to climb onto a roof so good for you! Rather you than me LOL!!

  10. oh my goodness Mitra, so glad you are OK. Lesson learnt - tie off your ladder and don't move large sheets when it's windy. I know you have to get the sheets on quick but it'll take even longer with one of you in hospital.

  11. You must be very brave. I could no more climb up to that roof than develop wings to fly (though I would love the view when I was there!). Thank goodness everyone ok. Hope it gets finished soon.

  12. Oh My! I do think I would find lots of excuses and other things to do in order to get out of that chore!

  13. Oh my goodness! You couldn't have paid me to climb up there. I'm so glad that he was able to react quickly so you weren't smushed.

  14. That is one huge roof! While I am fine with heights, my husband is not. So it is usually me that you will find on the roof at our house :-)


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