Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day in Glass

Well, Lexi and I are off to hit Lowville with the Aunt who is visiting from California and meeting my Mom at a spa day. We are all pretty excited about this!

It's pretty much a blue moon when my Aunt is in town and even more so that we're all going for a last one years ago perhaps? Lexi wants her nails done and perhaps a hair extension. I wonder what THE MAN will say if it's HOT PINK? (shhhhh)

I just wanted to share my Mom's art here today. Hot off the table, this window was custom designed and is LOVELY!

It looks like a second one is cut out below. I can't even imagine two of these in one room. Mind blowing!

So, have a great Mother's Day, Girl's Day and Sunday!


  1. Hi! Happy mother day to you!

  2. Hope you have had a very relaxing massage and tell your Mom from me her artwork is amaazzing!! Love it!

  3. Have a great spa day. Gretchen, your window is fantastic. Happy day to all.

  4. Wow! Now we know where you get your talent from. AWESOME window...hope the massage was goooood & Lexi is still recognisable:):):)Happy Mum's Day:):):)

  5. Massages, pink tips, mom's together for a special day and that window!!!! THAT'S a special Mother's Day!
    Beautiful work and I hope the day was extremely special for you all.

  6. Happy mother's day! I know where you get your talent from now.. that stained glass is stunning!!

    I hope Lexi goes the hot pink,the freedom of youth is osmething I miss and wish I was game enough to ignore the embarrassment of my children... (I would love it if you went hot pink btw!!)


  7. HI.. I hope your massage went really well and you got pampered lots! this window looks amazing.. a lovely design! Have a great week with your family!

  8. Wow WTG Mitra's mom! That is a real work of art :)


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