Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Busy Page for Scrap For Help Challenge

Our lawn is a mixture of grass, clover, and a whole lotta dandelions. We embrace the little yellow flower unlike our city friends. Firstly, when you are mowing, you can clearly see a green edge amongst the yellow. Secondly, there is something therapeutic watching them shoot out of the side of the mower. Thirdly? The bees and butterflies freak out over them!


My lawn and trees are a buzzing mass of happiness.

Insects hard at work gathering.

I'd like to sit outside in a lawn chair and just listen to the hum but the wireless doesn't reach that there are the blood thirsty black flies...also hard at work.

So, what is one to do? Send out the 11 year old with a camera. She came home, had a frustrating day at school so I suggested she chase around some of the butterflies. Not sure what they are, but they are everywhere! See them up there with their orange, black and white spots? Made a great die cut!

WHO wants to bet my Dad identifies them for me and they eat something I like......

So out she went in the bright sunshine, with my camera. Got lots of cute photos and she only got one really bad bug bite...

Thought I'd link this page up with Scrap for Help where they require the use of an old envelope! Mine has the dandelion photo peeking out.

Also used some very old lace on here that was passed along by Marilyn.

And grabbed a bag of VERY old Close to My Heart and Stampin' Up paper. Felt good to use some of it up!

It included this perfect butterfly or moth paper!

 Of course my very favorite part of this page was this vintage advertisement featuring a dandelion! Thanks Marivic!

And I leave you with the infamous words of an old boss who liked to walk around and say:


Very annoying. :-)


  1. Oh I love this layout! fab job done with the 11yrold photographer!!!!
    should get mine to do something like that hey he can photograph the pollution coming out of the cars that race by in front of our apartment building.......grrrrrrr
    I need to smell some flowers!!!

  2. Haha to Irini's comment! I LOVE's my new Fave...those butterflies are GORGEOUS..isn't she a clever cookie??? This really speaks 'spring' so loudly....I've just finished my project for SFH today, too...weird, huh???!!!!

  3. Oh I just love spring. and it is so nice to read about your buzzing garden and lawn as we prepare for winter over here... Lovely layout, looks so pretty! how about we say.... busy busy scrappy scrappy!!!

  4. Love this page. Lexi's photography is outstanding.(like Mama, like daughter) The colors are beautiful. Yes, for sure our lawns are a buzzing, LOVE the little butterflies fluttering everywhere.

  5. Loveeeeeeeeeeee this!!! LOVING all the 'nature' you brought to this page... perfect for the subject!!!

  6. This is such a pretty layout, loving all the different elements, also scrolled further down (can't keep up with you!) love your garden and I love peonies too and lots of other things such as agapanthus plants, take care Doreen x

  7. Sounds heavenly! I just love the country!! Here it's just too remote (and cold) to live there so I enjoy living vicariously through you! Very pretty page and lovely alphas!!

  8. What a lovely page. Butterflies are my fave so I think I fell in love with it straight away anyway. Gorgeous.

  9. Wow!!! What a gorgeous page! Total eye candy! Thanks for playing along with us at SFH!! :D

  10. this is lovely Mitra, I love your use of the envelope for this LO. thanks for joining us at Scrap for Help

  11. Ohhh I love this, its just simply gorgeous! Thanks for joining us at Scrap For Help this month.. x

  12. Wow! This looks absolutely fabulous! Love the colors on this eye-catching!

  13. Love the colors you have used sweet page!


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