Monday, April 15, 2013

Create Page for Another Freaking Scrappy

So, while we were in Vegas for a quick vacation, our kids were hanging with my parents. Sometimes the grand kids next door are there, but this year our break week did not correspond with theirs. Of course, the weather was also not all that fun, so my parents came up with some cool indoor projects.

Lexi made this awesome funky stained glass cat with my Mom. She designed it herself even. I'm going to show you her cat up against the window so you can see the colors she picked. She chose clear for parts of it, so it's hard to see what is the glass and what part is the stand that she put it on. Her stand needs a light still as this is a night light.

I used Anne's latest sketch over at Another Freaking Scrappy. You have half the month to get this one done and it's super easy so why not have a go at it! 

I think the circle elements are cool. I opted to use my new K & Co. flowers I found on a shopping trip to represent them. Here is a side view so you can see how POOFY they are. 

I happened to have Lexi's sketch so it was fun to use that as part of the background. As it was a sketch, she had some scribbles I covered up strategically with flowers and paper! 

Also linking up to Yvonne's Do More for Less blog as Lizzy Hill has a challenge up over there for fussy cutting photos and some hand journaling. There is quite a lot of fussy cutting around photos and in fact, cut Lexi's cat sketch so the ears would come in front of the photos. Lots of hand journaling around the stained glass cat. 

So there you go, two fun projects on a Monday to get you inspired! Hopefully you had a nice relaxing weekend and you are ready to kick Monday in the butt! 


  1. Isn't serendipity an AMAZING thing...this page fits soooo perfectly. And you never do this much fussy cutting...clever gal, you!!!! And her glass kitty is so gorgeous against the light. Another clever gal....when is she up on your blog next? I feel the need for a Lexi post!!!! Exciting & oh so pleased to see you playing along. THANKYOU !!!?!?

  2. Your daughter is following in your footsteps, she's very clever.

  3. Wow, Lexi, what a fantastic cat! You are very creative, and it will be a treasure for many years to come.

  4. Cool page and i adore those rosettes did you make them ???

  5. Wow. Love this fun and eye-catching page. Love that the grandparents engage her in such a creative activity. Love the fussy-cutting here Mitra.

    Thank you for playing along with my guest Lizzy's challenge!

  6. This page is amazing! Your daughter's stained glass cat is wonderful. I think your Mom is so awesome for helping her make it.

  7. Oh wow Lexi's cat is so cute.. love the colors.. and now she has a fabulous scrap layout to commemorate it!!

  8. And the award for coolest grandparents goes to.....!!!!! What an awesome project and the colors she picked are purrrrfect. (BOO...sorry, just had to.)
    Love the creativity that just oozes from your family. :D

  9. WOW if I can get a flight will your MOM help me make something for my bathroom cabinet??? Only joking but Lexi's project is totally awesome. You are such a great creative family.

  10. What a fun layout & great job Lexi did on the kitty! BTW tell her I am missing her posting!! Time she gave us an update :)


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