Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lots of Life in a Week

Goodness Gracious.

I had a planned vacation at the end of the last week, a funeral that smacked me sideways right before that and finally just now I am feeling back to the normal grind of work and all that. Oh and Easter before that! ;-)

I have stuff to SHARE and for some reason got a huge block writing a post today.

I think it's because I have to start at the beginning because last week feels like a year has passed!

So, here is me waving hello on a Tuesday! Back tomorrow with a page.

OHHHHHH and the stained glass for my cabinet is IN MY CABINET. I have inserted my eye balls back in it's that exciting. So, yes, I need to share that with you as well!

Catch ya tomorrow on Hump Day!


  1. So sorry things have been crazy for you....

  2. Goodness gracious Girl.. take a breath!!

  3. You sound like you need a Day Plan to get you thru it. I need one, too, actually!!!! LOVELY flowers...yum...but not as yum as your stained glass, methinks. How exciting!!!!!

  4. Glad to know you're back and had a good trip after your traumatic week. Love the flowers.

  5. Can't WAIT to see your cabinet all stocked up - LOL to your eyeballs!! You have certainly had a FUN time lately - Carpe Deim!!


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