Monday, April 29, 2013

Playful Layout

Goodness gracious I need a bit more weekend. We were busy! Spring hits and we're working on lawns, gardens, and projects!

Thankfully I had this little layout made ages and ages ago, was just waiting to add this photo.

We installed my soft top on my jeep on Sunday as the sun was nice and warm.

So, now I can go topless! ;-)

Per the directions, they suggested using the heat from the sun the first installation. Well, we were waiting QUITE A WHILE for the weather to cooperate!

Just a little close up of my banners and bling.

Today is raining and gloomy, so I am thinking fondly back to the jeep ride yesterday in the sun to get ice cream! Happy Monday?


  1. I have huge envy for your Jeep. We had one for a while and then we bought a seven seat people carrier - grandchildren you see. I loved our Jeep so much and even now when we are driving along and spot a Jeep we both whisper under our breath "Oooh Jeeeeeep" and sigh. I like to be high up off the floor as I never cared for travelling at 70 miles an hour with my bottom just six inches off the ground.

  2. I love it!!! All those YUMMY papers & goodies up top....& go you with the super cool vehicle...I was about to call it a car!!!!!! May the sun shine on you very shortly again !!!!!

  3. Wow this looks like a fun page, just right for the new soft top. I love the banner, tags and journal cards, they look fabulous.

  4. This is gorgeous! LOVING the colors and the pennants!!!!!

  5. This looks fabulous! I love banners and these look great.. yes the weather can change like that over here too!!

  6. Oh my this is super cute this layout, so many cute little details.


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