Monday, April 1, 2013

Relaxing Page for Another Freaking Scrappy

It's the first again! Can you imagine it.

New challenge up at Another Freaking Scrappy and a whole SLEW of new peeps so go check out their work!

And here it is:  Scrap about one of your greatest current challenges, or a challenge from your past.

I know, my challenge seems silly. How can it be difficult to relax? I have to be sick or really tired to be caught on the couch in the middle of day. My kid took this photo and was giggling all the way. Think she thought I was sleeping. You can't see it, but my cell phone is in my hand...I am probably reading blogs!

Of course the CAT knows how to relax....

And here is a side view of my page so you can see the depth.

Really love that red flower I made with my black fern. I moved the BIG SHOT around so now it seems easier to use. Love changing stuff up and getting more use out of it! I used a piece of a vintage magazine I had with alcohol ink so got the best of both worlds...color and the words! Also used a little flower made by Lisa at You Made Me Ink. She rocks!

Well, if you can go have a play. I would love to hear what you find difficult or challenging in your life. And if you have a recipe for relaxing, let me know!

Happy Monday!


  1. Really like your layout and like You I find it hard to just chill out on the lounge, as I feel like I am wasting precious time. Love the red flower, and sometimes I think the unexpected shots are the best

  2. I saw the biggest part already in the sneakpeek on FB, but now that I see your whole it!!

  3. That's such a great picture. At first I did think you were sleeping, but the thumb on the lip made me think you were pondering crafty ideas and I wondered if you were actually on your phone..LOL. Awesome photo of you though and glad the kiddo captured it. Really like the depth of this LO too. The side shot shows it off very well. :) P.s..that pillow is totally GROOVY!!

  4. OOOhh I love the colours here and the textures and switching from circles to rectangles and the the flowers and the picture and EVERYTHING! The cat looks like he/she is just waiting to reclaim that warm comfy cushion. Great ideas for incorporating the challenge book text!

  5. The first thing I saw was the fluffy tail of your cat and I though no wonder you cant relax when the cat puts his butt in your face as soon as you try and relax!! then I read down further!! fabulous layout, and yes the flower is amazing..I love the blue papers you have used.. blue always makes me feel relaxed... and I find relaxing hard too.. and getting a good nights sleep with a sleeping hubby would be second on the list!! Have a relaxing day!!

  6. Had to laugh at the cat practically sitting on your head! the layering!
    Alison xx

  7. Love that pic! I know finding (making!) time to relax is hard!! fantastic layout :)
    luv Renee

  8. aAAAW I had a comment here from my phone & I see it never posted! Great layout with such a cool photo & lots of great layering. Relaxing doesn't come easy to me either but getting involved in doing things I love like scrapbooking or watching movies is the best I can do to forget about day to day worries. Going away to another location away from home works wonders - my mind goes blank as soon as we arrive!

  9. Nobody has mentioned alcohol....& I don't even drink the stuff, but I Reckon if you're desperate a shot or two of something or another wouldn't go astray [tongue in cheek comment. Pleasedon'tsendmetoAAforinappropriateposting. Just checking you're awake!!] LOVE your red flower!!! No wonder youse is proud of it. I would be too!!! And I must say, someone might have a future as a photographer. It's a LOVELY pic. Just unfortunate you looked more relaxed than you really are......the best way to relax? Grow the kids up, pay off the mortgage & retire!!!:)::):):):)


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