Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hugs Card for Jean

This card & a hug is ready to mail across THE POND to a friend who had recent surgery. I am hoping this card finds her healing and in good spirits! (I am a bit belated but I'm sending scrapping goodies, so hopefully she will forgive me!)

She told the funniest (so it was funny to the rest of us) story on Facebook a bit ago about having to be rescued in the early am by EMTs who were not hot sadly and I'm still chuckling a bit...which is why I had to add a propeller to the front. You never know when you might need a lift!

Used up some scraps on this card (a Valentine's Day Kit) and I'm betting that Jean will reuse the flower at some point on a page!

Not to be too punny, but more power to you!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. What a lovely thing to do, I hope to that Jean is on the mend as well and I am sure she will appreciate her goodies. As I was with the ones you posted to me.

  2. Groooooan...you & your puns......lovely card - I'm sure she will forgive you, too:):)

  3. Oh lovely card, love the extra touch of the propeller I hope it gives your friend a smile!

  4. OMG! I love that propeller..... You are so stinking thoughtful!!! :)

  5. love this card, it is beautiful!!!

  6. I know Im late posting my thank you Mitra , please forgive me, I seem to have lost track with blogging and FB. Cant wait for my card and goodies to arrive and thankyou again. I'm hoping to be back in the scrapping world soon. xx


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