Thursday, May 1, 2014

Broken Heart: Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

I was a sickly child when we returned from Iran to the States.

My Mom just assumed that is what kids did.

When I was first examined in the States, the doctor asked my Mom kindly if she was aware I had a heart murmur. I am sure she was shocked to hear I needed surgery! I was only four, but it was the first time anyone had suggested that I needed to have something fixed!

At four, you don't worry about such things like how a surgery might go. I found 10 whole days in the hospital annoying, hated the physical therapy nurse David, but loved the presents. I can be seen with my huge stuffed bear named Griffiths as that was the name of the Air Base where my Dad worked. I also decided that gravy was nasty due to dinners that always seemed to contain mashed potatoes.

My Mom dug this photo out for me because at Another Freaking Scrappy has a new challenge:

Scrap or art journal your baby picture.  Journal anything unusual or interesting – were you a twin? Sickly? Curious?

I am not quite a baby in this photo but young. It had NEVER occurred to me to scrap this until Anne suggested it because it's not a super awesome part of my life I remember, but it happened just the same! Have the huge scar to prove it!

Here is the side view so you can see the dimension. 

I really hope you get to give this challenge a try!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I agree with Anne a important event to document. Love the colours you have used and so many cool elements to look at. I hope you have journalled your story on your layout somewhere for future generations as I really enjoyed reading it . I did post a comment earlier, and it didn't seem to work, so hoping it doesn't decide to show up now lol

  2. Oh wow that is a very important part of your history.. so glad it got fixed for you.. fabulous bright and colorful layout to remember this time by!

  3. I have spent the last several years going through the photographs that my Dad had kept in the box that was always beside his bed. It was full of letters and pictures and negatives so I have been slowly going through and scrapbooking things like the telegram his sister sent to say she had arrived safely in Africa to start her new job and the letter another of his sisters received when she was trying to find out how badly he was injured at the end of WW2. This is why I am so careful about using only acid free papers and stuff. I am securing these things so that my children and grandchildren can see them and know who they come from.

  4. Just love this layout!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Fabulous! And I bet ur kids LOOOOVED this story...I think it's awesome.....loving the way you've ripped back the edges & revealed different layers, too:):))

  6. Awwww, you're precious!! You simply needed more room made for your big heart; which you have!! This is a FABULOUS photograph and memory. :) As for gravy...go sausage! But blah on brown :(

  7. Oh my goodness Mitra! I agree with Lizzy that your kids are going to think it's awesome that you've told this story. You are one of my favorite storytellers! Your layouts are always so perfectly thought out.

  8. Even though it is not a great memory, I also think it was important in your life therefore should be scrapped. I love the torn papers and the bright colors!


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