Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Women Warriors: Technicolor Trio of Tempting Treats Week 1

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.”
― Walt Disney CompanyMulan

LOVE this quote! It makes me happy and makes me feel like a WARRIOR!

Thank you Mulan, the best Disney Princess of them all!

I am teaming up with two fabulous peeps in a mission to make art for art's sake! 

Lisa, Sue & I are warriors because we are stretching ourselves with difficult goals! 

This week's challenge:

Make a creation of your OWN choosing using:  Numbers letters, spoons, a quote and ruler Art.

Maps have lots of letters and numbers, so decided to decorate my gold & frosted salt/pepper shaker bottoms with a bottle cap & map sticker! Do so love maps! 

You may also spy the antique spoons that THE MAN helped me bend & screw onto my long black board. I may have used one or two little bad words....I broke two drill bits and almost got kicked out of the garage! Warrior on baby!

Between you & me they are not REALLY holding on those bottles. They are made to LOOK like it, but honestly they couldn't be too tight or the bottle would not lay flat. It's really all stuck together with hot glue. So don't tell anyone, OK?

I wanted to use a ruler to meet one of the requirements, but I hadn't found one, so opted to go with a ruler type shape. I spray painted my board and then sanded it a bit to distress it.

Here you an see the whole quote. SUPER COOL!

My favorite part of the whole piece is the hardware top I am using to hang it. THANKS DAD for hooking me up with that! The butterfly is hiding the hole for the door handle!

Well, I have chattered on long enough. Time for you to wander over and check out Lisa's and Sue's fabluous creation over at YOU MADE ME INK and SCRUMPLESCRUNCH!

If you head over, tell them I sent you!
Oh and Happy Hump Day!


  1. So, so cool... what a fabulous trio of projects from the three of you - this is going to be such fun!
    Alison x

  2. Good God Mitra, between you and Q I feel as if my project is so basic, as I said to Lisa, the creations are out there...I don't think I am stretching myself!!! Mmmm I have to think about this.
    Anyway what a terrific idea to use your piece of wood and make a rule, this is such a unique creation, what an imagination you have I can see how you and Q feed of each other.
    Great work and I love the quote.

  3. Absolutely fabulous and very creative! So glad you are doing the challenge again, can't wait to see what's next!

  4. Sooo inventive - great quote too...what is that plant growing in there??? Or is it for 'dress' purposes? Love the door handleish thing up the top, too. The colour is YUM!!! You lot are crazy creative.....fabulous:):)

  5. Wow you continue to astonish me.. this is fabulous.. and love the quote too..

  6. YEAH!!!! I'm finally over here!!! I've been here several times, but had to go get my grandma to come and stay with us for a week and I hadn't had time yet to really tell you HOW much I just love this project and what we're challenging each other to do.
    Firstly...OF COURSE you'd make a hanging plant stand and that quote with those elements make it so outstandingly perfect. LOVE, love, LOOOOVE the bent spoons. The illusion in itself is enough to tickle me pink and your map and ruler shape are the best. I knew I would be blown over when I saw your brain's creation and I's incredible eclectic and superb!!!! SOOOO happy to be doing this with you and I cannot wait to see what the next few weeks hold for you....


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