Thursday, April 24, 2014

Scallopy Shelf for THE MAN

It's the second time recently that I have reached for scrapbooking stuff to make things that have nothing to do with paper!

This shelf started off life as a very simple board. I wanted a nice thick top with dimension. Can you see the scallop I drew on? I pulled out my trusty scalloped scrapbooky paper and used that! It's been traced so many times! 

Here is a front view of the piece. Can you see the scallopy scallop? I free handed it a smidge from the paper!

I was planning on hanging it in this house, but holy beaners! We're moving! THE MAN says we're figure out a good spot in the next place! 

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Hello M
    This is a great make, and very clever of you.

  2. GREAT project...yeah, moving....sooooo a lot of stuff will get made then packed, I'm guessing, from now on!!!

  3. Wow!! This is amazing! I loveeeeeeeeee it!!! And good luck with the move!

  4. Awesome project!!!! You are so talented!!!!

  5. HOLY HEAVENS to BETSY...I am completely in awe with this!!!! Freaking wonderful!!


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